Not Marked filter Function on Phone App

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Not Marked filter Function on Phone App

Postby G1ANQ » Wed May 31, 2017 12:47 pm

Would anyone else find an extra filter "Not Marked" useful on the Phone App?
I know that you can use the "Not Logged" filter to hide all the ones you have visited, but this means that all the destroyed ones are still there.
If there was a "Not Marked" filter option, I could mark all the destroyed ones and they wouldnt come up on my phone screen.
Also I could mark any that I am not interested in like "Visible but unreachable" etc.
It seems a very small addition that would make the already great App even more friendly.

Oh, I have downloaded and created my own MS Excel Spreadsheet, so that I can filter the data as I want. I can use it to make a KLM file to load into my own Google Maps. Though that has a limit of 2000 nodes so you cant cover the whole of the country in one map. And if the mobile signal isnt very good, then Google Maps dont work that well. While the Trigpointing App is much better when out of 4G coverage, on the top a distant hill, looking for a Trig.
Does anyone else have any thoughts?
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Re: Not Marked filter Function on Phone App

Postby agentmancuso » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:33 am

A sideline, but 'Visible but Unreachable ' is intended to indicate not a permanent state but a temporary condition condition contingent on local circumstances e.g. a pillar in the middle of an arable crop that you can stroll up to in October but need to avoid in July or whatever.

I don't know about the Mark filter idea; I've only recently noticed that the Mark check box exists. Personally I use the app to log visits onsite, but not to actually search for trigs; I use a GPSr for that, and can filter data through GSAK any way that suits.
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