Flamborough Active Stations FLA1 and FLA2: gone

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Flamborough Active Stations FLA1 and FLA2: gone

Postby ted » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:14 pm

The TP:UK database includes two Active Stations at Flamborough Head:
TA 25745 70703,TP7269,"Flamborough Head 1", FLA1
TA 25741 70709,TP7270,"Flamborough Head 2", FLA2

Many visitors are continuing to log these as 'Good'. I suspect this
is no longer the case.

Early logs showed two pairs of conical stations ('Trimbles')
on the roof of a building. For example:
(CJO, 24th Jun 2012)

Later visits indicate that the Trimbles have gone, leaving only the mounting brackets:
(orlando rat, 2nd Sep 2016)

Meanwhile, three hemispherical domes, resembling the current OS 'Leica' stations appeared
on an adjacent mast:
(Earby Rambler, 4th Aug 2015)

Then checking the bigf site,
For station FLA1, includes
3. GNSS Receiver Information

3.1 Receiver Type : TRIMBLE 4000SSI
Satellite System : GPS
Date Installed : 2000-05-23T00:00Z
Date Removed : 2001-03-17T23:59Z

3.2 Receiver Type : TRIMBLE 4000SSI
Date Installed : 2001-03-18T00:00Z
Date Removed : 2003-07-14T23:59Z

Theres no corresponding entry for FLA2 but, given the photographic evidence,
its reasonable to suppose that it went at around the same time.

Then as regards the current trio of Leica-like domes, theres a summary list and map
of Active Stations (including some non-OS) available at:
but only FLA1 is listed for this location. So the current domes are probably non-OS.

BTW the same map also lists with photo an (inactive) active station at North Shields;
not sure that has been recorded on TP:UK.

Apologies for all the technical blurb - Flamborough is a good place to visit even if
the Active Stations are no longer to be seen :)
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Re: Flamborough Active Stations FLA1 and FLA2: gone

Postby agentmancuso » Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:49 pm


Quite right. On checking, the same situation applies to all 11 pairs of Trimble Active Station; the original receivers were removed a decade or so again, and replaced by non-OS Leica receivers. I've updated all the T:UK records to show condition as Remains, to reflect the fact that the original masts are still in place and the same job is being doing albeit no longer by the OS.
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