Addition of OSGB36 stations

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Addition of OSGB36 stations

Postby Teasel » Sat May 31, 2014 7:06 pm

I've just finished adding all the remaining OSGB36 stations, using the OSGB36 trig spreadsheet. Many thanks to Ian Wilson, both for providing the spreadsheet to the trigonomy group, and for gaining permission from the OS for the data to be added to TrigpointingUK. A total of just over 10,000 new stations were added. Most of the new trigs added are bolts and intersected stations, so apologies to our dedicated pillar baggers! I hope to add a filter to the website at some point, similar to the one available on the Android app.

I expect there to be a large number of duplicates of existing trigs added as part of this exercise. We'll need to find these and merge them together over the coming weeks. Please flag any that you find. Also, there are a number of trigs which have the wrong condition (eg are incorrectly marked as destroyed, when actually only one of the marks was destroyed). This will gradually work itself out as the stations are visited and logged, but in the meantime, please feel free to flag any problems you spot.

The intention is that the "trigs" in the T:UK database should roughly correspond with "stations" in the OS databases. So where a station includes both a bolt and a vane, for instance, there is a single, loggable, trig for the two marks. The "physical type" will be that of the most "important" mark (pillar > bolt > intersected). I thought about having one trig for each mark, but that would have flooded the database with a huge number of records. In the future, I will look at ways of listing all of the marks present at the station.

There are bound to be a number of problems to overcome, but doing this bulk upload should allow our time to be spent cleaning up the database, rather than manually entering trigpoint data.

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Re: Addition of OSGB36 stations

Postby ZanderH » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:09 pm

Excellent stuff Ian. Will save a lot of manual labour. Completely agree that the 'trig = station' option was the best way to go for the time being at least. (Ha, wrong laptop, so logged in as wrong person - it's Bernie) :oops:
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