Good Circular Pillar Walks / Routes

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Good Circular Pillar Walks / Routes

Postby FrankR » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:04 am

What's you're best day of bagging a number of pillars, presumably there are some good circular routes out there where you can tick off a good few pillars in one circular walk. Just wondered as I always seem to be walking up to one, then back, drive somewhere else, walk up and back etc. It would be nice to find some nice routes.
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Re: Good Circular Pillar Walks / Routes

Postby MAC.HAWK » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:36 am

Well for me the answer is leave the car/motorbike behind or park it up and do the legwork. There are interesting circular walks taking in any amount of pillars just about anywhere in the UK and most can be accessed using by using footpaths, bridleways, tracks, open moor and even the road.

I once got my daughter to drive around the Hull area bagging 13 trigs in a single day and it was the most unsatisfying day I've ever had trigging, truly awful an I've never repeated the action.

Yet I did an 18+ mile round trip from Garsdale railway station on foot to simply 'tig the trig' on Great Shunner Fell and it was absolutely wonderful, never saw a soul all day, GSF summit was shrouded in dense cloud/mist and the weather in general wasn't great but it was a fantastic trip that has lived long in the memory.

Another trip from Garsdale railway station was up East Baugh Fell to the pillar at Knoutberry Haw, down Ringing Keld Gutter to Garsdale then up to the pillar at Aye Gill Pike and down Rise Hill to the bridleway and thence the A648 back to Garsdale railway station, it was a November icy, snow laden walk (but not snowing) in glorious sunshine (and I forgot the camera - dolt) and one of the best walks I've ever had - again I never saw another soul.

The most number of pillars I've 'tigged' in a day on foot has been 6 (this doesn't include multiple 'trigs' on one site - i.e. where one pillar was replaced by a further one) and it involved a 24 mile hike in a semi-urban area and whilst not quite in the same league as the two previously mentioned the sense of satisfaction/achievement was very palatable.

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge (25 miles up and down 3 mountains) visits 3 pillars and is pretty gruelling but if you're lucky enough to get the weather 'tis fantasic.
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Re: Good Circular Pillar Walks / Routes

Postby jrcking » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:13 am

This is an interesting idea. I've previously considered the challenge: how many trig points can you bag in one day a) on foot, or b) any human-powered transport?

Option b) inevitably would end up being a combination of bicycle and walking. It's interesting as it's as much about route planning as anything else. I thought about a route in the area between Buxton, Leek, and Ashbourne, which has a pretty high density of trig points - I think 10 would be achievable on foot. I never got round to doing it though...

As for nice circular walks (without going for the maximum), I've done a lap of Kinder Scout taking in 3 trigpoints, which could be easily extended to take in Brown Knoll.
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