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Trig Points Newbie

Postby Babypink » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:04 pm

Forgive my ignorance, I am creating, or trying to create a mini Scavanger Hunt that I thought would be good to include trig points. Because the participants are all over the UK. I was hoping I could download a map of the Trig Points that are "good" so they can photograph themselves at that particular point. I wanted to upload them into Google Maps and failing miserably. Not sure what to do?

Also I need them to make sure that the way to prove it is they are in the photo but also the bit that has the Trig Points reference? Is that the brass plaque thing on it? If they do that they I can put that reference in and hope it matches?

Hope that makes sense, also is it possible to say to them it has to be above (I dont know) 900 ft above sea level?
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Re: Trig Points Newbie

Postby MAC.HAWK » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:18 pm

If you're looking for an easy option I think you're asking a bit too much.

I'm assuming you're relating the 'trig points' to pillars only.

You can download the list of trig points if you follow the instructions on the Forum entry 'MMO or GPX Pillar List' (last entry 27.03.2019) in various formats but it won't sort the details you want.

I used Memory Map to identify the pillar's only in MMO & GPX format but to sort them out in what's still there and above 900 (275 metres) would take an awful a lot of file editing.

The metal plate on a triangulation pillar is called the Flush Bracket, a Flush Bracket identifies a specific location in innumerable locations throughout the UK (see and a photo of such would indeed record that the photographer was there.

Sadly some trig pillars no longer exist or have had their Flush Bracket removed.

Not sure if this helps but ................
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Re: Trig Points Newbie

Postby clochandighter » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:58 am


I think I can offer something which may be of help.

The following spreadsheet contains a list of all 6590 OSGB36 triangulation pillars known to have existed. This spreadsheet is up to date to 31/12/2018, and I plan to release an update on 31/12/2019. If you know your was around MS Excel, the contents of this spreadsheet can be sorted into whatever order you like, say height, or can be filtered into subsets such as pillars in a given county of Landrager map, pillars above a certain height, pillars still live or many other combinations. ... 8.xls?dl=0

I can also offer a map of (almost) all OSGB36 triangulation pillars by FLUSH BRACKET NUMBER. This map covers all of Great Britain plus it islands. I have still to include magnified insets of three congested areas so that I can show all the pillars in these clusters, these are Greater Glasgow, South Devon and the Spurn Head peninsula. I have also omitted some dead pillars where a live replacement is very nearby. This map was completed in 1999 but still receives occasional updates.

Anybody reading this is free to download copies of the files above on the understanding that I accept no responsibility for damage or losses incurred as a result of their use. I would also ask that I am acknowledged should these files be redistributed or published elsewhere.

Good luck with your trig hunting,

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