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New to trig pointing

Postby Lee1980 » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:00 pm

Hi people, I'm very new to trigging and have only done one (Croft in Leicestershire) as this is where I live. Can anyone tell me how many trig pillars are in Leicestershire?
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Re: New to trig pointing

Postby ted » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:30 pm

> Can anyone tell me how many trig pillars are in Leicestershire?

The following info courtesy of Barry Hunter. It was originally sent to
the trigonomy mailing list in July 2014. Following Barry's instructions, I
see a list of 337 trig stations. Thats an inclusive list covering all the
different station types (not just pillars) and all conditions (ranging from
good to destroyed).

The link for this is:

Not quite sure how to refine this to get only pillars.

Hope thats helps

Little rusty on t:uk search tools, but it can be done via trigtools section.

On the TrigTools homepage, click 'TrigPoints':

Then select the county in the dropdown at the top, (eg Northumberland)

Then tick the radio button beside 'Trigs in a county', then click the Go button.


Do it once, and it should be added to 'My Searches'.

Easy, when you know how!
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