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Postby Teasel » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:50 pm

OK, the old INFO area was difficult to update, out of date, and sometimes just plain wrong. So I have replaced it with a Wiki. This should make it easy for all users of TrigpointingUK to be able to update and add the the information we keep about trigpoints, and make it a really useful resource. Please contribute in any way you can!

If you're new to wikis, try starting out by making an edit to an existing page. Just log in using your normal TrigpointingUK username and password, click on any "edit" link you see, and get typing! Once you're done click "save page" (or, if you're unsure, click "show preview" first) and your changes will be available for everyone to see. Please be bold, and don't worry too much about making a mistake, as a full version history is kept, in case things go wrong. If you want to link to another page, even if it doesn't exist yet, just surround the name in double square brackets eg [[Tide Gauge]]. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, maybe click on the "Wanted pages" link in the menu, to get a list of pages that other people have requested, and start one of these afresh. It doesn't have to be the definitive work on the subject, just enough of a seed to inspire someone else to maybe add a picture, or a bit of history, or an anecdote, and gradually the pages will grow.

TrigpointingUK users know far, far more about trigpoints than I do, so it makes much more sense to let you all write the info pages and share all that knowledge!

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