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TrigpointingUK - Trigpoint Logging System

Welcome! This site is designed for those people who are unable to walk past a trigpoint without bagging it! On these pages, you will find information about trigpointing, and be able to log your finds. We have a database containing the locations of most of the trigpoints in Great Britain, but if you find one that we don't know about, please add it to our database.

We hope you find TrigpointingUK both useful and fun. If you have any bugs to report / features to request, please contact us.

06/06/2014 - Domain name changed. Please report any problems.

06/06/2014 - Added trigpoint type filter.

01/06/2014 - Added a discussion forum.

29/05/2014 - All OSGB36 stations now in database. Please flag duplicates as you find them.

26/05/2014 - Added OSGB36 data to the trigpoint details pages.

26/05/2014 - Added Wiki. Please add any material you feel may be useful!

26/05/2014 - New colour scheme on home and trig details pages. Feedback welcome!

26/05/2014 - Changed home and trig details pages to be more mobile-friendly.

25/05/2014 - Carried out housekeeping on user accounts. Please report any issues.

15/05/2014 - Added "resend validation email" button to preferences page.

A list of recent logs

2015-06-30Phil SpenceNot Logged TP4216Kinder Low
  Not Logged TP6036Snailsden
  Not Logged TP3646Harry Hut
  Not Logged TP3826Higher Shelfstones
  Not Logged TP1459Blackstone Edge
  Not Logged TP2688Cupwith Hill
  Not Logged TP6819West Nab
  Not Logged TP2310Cock Hill
  Not Logged TP0147Crow Knowl
  Not Logged TP3130Featherbed Moss
2015-06-30fitzydanGood condition TP0601South Cave FBM Aux 1
2015-06-30DesGGood condition TP0411Felixstowe Ferry
2015-06-29louse94Inaccessible TP1969Carn Na Caillich
  Inaccessible TP1969Carn Na Caillich
  Not Logged TP1965Carn Maol
  Not Logged TP1965Carn Maol
2015-06-29FionaCHGood condition TP7272Girdle Ness 2
2015-06-29Mtb Innerwick StravaigerGood condition TP6831Wester Dod
2015-06-29thejackrustlesGood condition TP3094Fair Isle
2015-06-29fitzydanGood condition TP0127Newby Grange

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Contributing users2764
Active users256(logged in last 30 days)
Total logs198047
Total photos163633
Total trigpoints25579
Logged trigpoints18362(whether found or not)
Known FB numbers6859
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[Peak Dist TP Walks Cover K Stevens]
A book, written by Keith Stevens and Peter Whittaker, about trigpointing walks in the Peaks.

[York Dales TP Walks Cover K Stevens]
A book, written by Keith Stevens, about trigpointing walks in the Dales.

[Primary Trigs in Wales]
An e-book, written by John Davies, about the Primary Re-triangulation in Wales.

[Trigpoint Walks in the Peak District]
A book, written by a long standing T:UK member, about trigpoint walks in the Peak District.

The TrigpointingUK database is owned and maintained by Ian Harris (Teasel). The TrigTools pages are provided by Barry Hunter. Contact us.