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Logged visits for ed-don

Good condition 2020-01-12 12:47 - TP6243 (Sugar Loaf)

FB Number: S2117   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

I was staying nearby and wanted to visit at least one trig point during my short time in Wales. This one was chosen for me because the rest of my party (including a 4 year old who made it to the summit) wanted to come here. The views were good, the wind was howling and the sun was out. Perfect!

From the top
Sedimentary rock near the summit ©ed-don

Good condition 2020-01-03 14:16 - TP4303 (Knowle Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

I saw this pillar from the road. I am not into trespassing so I took some photos and went on my way

Good condition 2019-11-30 12:17 - TP6111 (Squirrel)

FB Number: S4990   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

On the outskirts of Exmouth and easy to get to given it is on the side of a road, albeit a narrow and busy one. The vegetation means the views from the trig are nothing special but if you continue up the hill to the commons then there are superb views over the Exe Estuary.

Why is it called Squirrel?

Good condition 2019-11-17 15:58 - TP5159 (North Hessary Tor)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

The second trig point visited during my day of walking in the area. I prefer the views from here than at Cramber Tor and it is a lot easier to get to than many trigs

North Hessary 1 ©ed-don
North Hessary view ©ed-don
North Hessary view 2

Good condition 2019-11-17 12:55 - TP2536 (Cramber Tor)

FB Number: S3440   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found on a hike around the area. The surrounding ground is surprisingly wet given location of the trig on top of a hill. I had to do a hop skip jump to reach the pillar because it was surrounded by a lot of water.

Unreachable but visible 2019-11-03 15:02 - TP3009 (Easterfield)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Unreachable but visible   Score: 3/10

Photographed from the coast path. Had the golf course been closed I would have gone over the gate to visit it personally

Viewed from the gate ©ed-don

Good condition 2019-11-03 14:57 - TP5430 (Petit Tor)

FB Number: S4293   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Find the gap in the hedge and begin your adventure. When the path appears to end keep going for another 20m along the narrow skinny path with drops on either side. I take my hat off to the surveyors who carried all the materials up here to make this cache

Petit Tor trig
Petit Tor view ©ed-don

Good condition 2019-11-03 13:56 - TP6711 (Walls Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Use the grid ref on here and it takes you right to the trig. This could be a good spot but the pillar is concealed within a lot of blackthorn

Good condition 2019-08-21 10:33 - TP5686 (Ringmoor Down)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found on a walk around Ditsworthy Warren. Geocaching brought me here and even though it was surrounded by cattle I had to shoo them away so I could bag this trig at the same time.

Good condition 2019-08-11 10:31 - TP1334 (Berry Head)

FB Number: S3520   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Set within a grounds of an old Fortress this is a slightly unusual spot for a trig point. Perhaps it has been moved at some point in history. The surrounding area is well worth exploring and on the day I visited I had a lovely walk up from Brixham

Good condition 2019-06-23 12:04 - TP0965 (Baggy Point)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Spotted on the other side of a dry stone wall on a walk from Croyde to Putsborough

Good condition 2019-05-05 11:42 - TP3799 (High Peak)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

My second visit and this time there are fewer trees in the area making for even better views

Good condition 2018-12-29 13:17 - TP9471 (Tor Hill Church Tower Centre)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Considering the structure is a ruin it feels strange making it as being in good condition. Found as part of a geocaching expedition around Glastonbury

Good condition 2018-12-29 13:14 - TP7939 (Tor Hill Topograph)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Am enjoyable yomp up Glastonbury Tor whilst chasing a very old geocache

The plate

Destroyed 2018-12-29 13:12 - TP6528 (Tor Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Destroyed   Score: 5/10

Definitely no pillar here but the views are amazing

Good condition 2018-12-26 07:20 - TP2983 (East Hill)

FB Number: S3910   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found as part of a Geocaching walk in the area. The trip is visible from the roadside and is adjacent to an interesting looking circular bank and ditch. I would like to know more about this feature if anyone could enlighten me

Lauren by the trig ©ed-don
Ed by the trig ©ed-don

Slightly damaged 2018-08-05 13:20 - TP1634 (Brimham Rocks)

FB Number: S7894   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 7/10

Great rock formations and there is a trig on top too. I could see right across to Drax power station and beyond from here.

Scenery looking roughly SE

Good condition 2018-08-04 07:35 - TP0156 (Marton Le Moor)

FB Number: S7663   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

It is just there at the side of a B road. I wish I had read these logs about the ROC station before visiting

Damaged 2018-07-31 12:20 - TP0702 (Little Whernside)

FB Number: S2982   Condition: Damaged   Score: 8/10

I logged the wrong trig at first, correcting that now. Great views from up here, but that is to be expected given this is the highest point of Yorkshire (or so I am led to believe)

Ed at the trig
The flush bracket

Good condition 2018-05-09 18:55 - TP1615 (Brent Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

I am impressed that this site has automatically changed the date and time to when I visited. How does it know? Visited on a sunny but breezy evening after work and once at the top of the hill it was so windy I could barely stand up. Good views up here

View from the top

Slightly damaged 2018-04-23 13:58 - TP6351 (The Beacon)

FB Number: S3527   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 8/10

Great views up here. The pillar is on top of a hedge on a field boundary alongside a bridleway. The plug is missing and has been replaced with concrete. Bring a carrier bag because it seems as though this area is popular with those who park up and throw their takeaway wrappers out the window

Teignmouth from the trig

Good condition 2017-12-10 07:07 - TP4803 (Middle Hope)

FB Number: S3269   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found at sunrise on a walk around Middle Hope during a stay at nearby Woodspring Priory. The views would have been even better if I had stayed there longer but after a DNF on the nearby cache I had to press on.

Slightly damaged 2017-01-21 16:09 - TP1437 (Blackborough Common)

FB Number: S3093   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 4/10

Easy to access as this one is adjacent to a public bridleway. There is a (now cleared) larch plantation to one side and mixed woodland on the other sides so not much of a view despite being up high relative to the surrounding landscape.

Blackborough Trig

Good condition 2017-01-08 14:00 - TP3349 (Gibbet Hill)

FB Number: S3450   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Seen whilst geocaching nearby. I persuaded my friends up here on the promise of great views and wasn't disappointed. The pillar is in very good condition

Good condition 2016-11-23 15:47 - TP1819 (Butsons)

FB Number: S3773   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Accessed from a public footpath, the ground around this trig seems to have washed away. Good views from up here,

Slightly damaged 2016-08-05 20:41 - TP3000 (Eastacott Hill)

FB Number: S1601   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 7/10

Good views from here. The pillar is a short hop over a field to the north of the transmitter. There is an interesting plaque on the pillar

Plaque on the trig

Good condition 2016-07-25 17:08 - TP3967 (Holdstone Down)

FB Number: S5438   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Great views over stunning countryside. Interesting memorial nearby too

Memorial on Holdstone Down

Good condition 2016-05-09 10:48 - TP6140 (Staddon Fort)

FB Number: S3413   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Found as part of a tour with the MOD as a special adviser. I couldn't miss the opportunity to visit this trig given it is unlikely to ever be accessible to the public

Slightly damaged 2016-03-27 14:52 - TP2256 (Clyst Hydon)

FB Number: S3702   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 5/10

Found whilst geocaching. The bracket faces away from the road so I wasn't sure if this was a trig or not until I scrambled up the hedge

Good condition 2015-09-30 16:30 - TP2960 (Easdon Tor)

FB Number: S3254   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Great views from the top, I was trying to spot other trigs from here but the binoculars were not quite up to the job. The trig locations (ie Rippon Tor) could be seen clearly on this bright autumn day

Good condition 2015-08-16 15:03 - TP3399 (Golden Cap)

FB Number: S3752   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

The views from here make the climb worthwhile. Berry head in one direction, Portland in the other.

Good condition 2015-07-31 11:58 - TP23326 (Mersea Gun Emplacement)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Spotted on top of an old gun emplacement. Interesting history from WW2 in this area

Good condition 2015-07-16 08:11 - TP5778 (Ryders Hill)

FB Number: S1740   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found on a murky July day whilst Geocaching in the area. The cache based on this Trig is no more

Good condition 2015-06-22 19:35 - TP5547 (Pynes Hill)

FB Number: S3713   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Hidden in a blackthorn hedge but visible without crossing the barbed wire. Pillar in good condition thanks no doubt to being hidden. Visited whilst constructing a Multi Geocache

Good condition 2015-05-11 19:20 - TP2386 (Constitutional Hill)

FB Number: S3715   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Discovered whilst on an evening cycle ride. I knew the concrete pillar by the reservoir was there but despite having passed here several times I have never noticed the trig. Go a short distance in either direction and great views of Exeter and Ide can be seen.

Good condition 2015-05-02 14:56 - TP6474 (Thurstaston Common)

FB Number: S3497   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Not much in the way of a view today but worth the walk up, especially when there is a geocache so close by

Unreachable but visible 2015-04-25 10:07 - TP3848 (Hill Barton)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Unreachable but visible   Score: 3/10

Spotted from the nearby railway bridge. The trig is on railway land so I did not venture closer

Moved 2015-04-25 09:12 - TP5282 (Panorama)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Moved   Score: 3/10

Outside the nearby riding stables

Not Logged 2014-11-04 00:00 - TP5689 (Rippon Tor)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Not Logged   Score: 5/10

Great views from here. Found whilst trying to find a Geocache based on this pillar

Slightly damaged 2014-11-04 00:00 - TP5689 (Rippon Tor)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 5/10

Great views from here. Found whilst trying to find a Geocache based on this pillar

Good condition 2013-11-30 15:48 - TP3799 (High Peak)

FB Number: S3907   Condition: Good   Score: 9/10

Seen whilst Geocaching very close by. Worth the massive hill climb to get here!

Not Logged 2013-07-05 12:30 - TP2639 (Crown Hill Fort)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Not Logged   Score: 9/10

my office is within Crownhill Fort. the point is accessible to the public when the Fort is open to the public on the last Friday of each month

Not Logged 2013-07-01 17:41 - TP4888 (Monklands)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Not Logged   Score: 9/10

Found whilst Geocaching

Monklands Trig

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