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Destroyed 2017-05-19 14:14 - TP6369 (The Common)

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removal of rtrig point TP6369 Please add a post to your site to inform blaggers that owing to trespass and disturbance of live stock trig point TP6369 has been removed. Trespasser caught trying o access this site may be prosecuted. Furthermore, those trying to access private land to collect trig point information are putting themselves and others at risk, which may also lead to prosecution. Please make visitors to your site aware of this. Ordnance Survey does not condone unlawful conduct.

Not Logged 2017-02-23 15:57 - TP1240 (Beinn Tart A'Mhill)

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A number of contributors have noted that they were discouraged from accessing this hill by a land manager in the area. Land managers may ask the public to avoid an area of land or take a different route to allow them to manage the land or to protect their safety i.e. when felling trees or gathering livestock, however the request must be reasonable. Members of the public have a duty to act responsibly when exercising their access rights, you can find more information about your rights and responsibilities here - If you encounter anyone who tries to stop you from exercising your rights of access, and you believe that their request is unreasonable you should report the incident to the relevant Access Authority. In Argyll & Bute call Jolyon Gritten the Access Manager on 01546 604 314 or email If you feel that the incident was threatening or you were intimidated you should contact Police Scotland on 101 and make a formal report, requesting an Incident No.. Always avoid confrontation even if you feel that the land manager is in the wrong, after all you can always enjoy a walk elsewhere. For information on reporting incidents elsewhere in Scotland the Mountaineering Council of Scotland has a useful webpage. Jolyon Gritten Access Manager Argyll & Bute Council

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