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Logged visits for SuperSpark

Slightly damaged 2020-03-19 13:00 - TP5340 (Peel Park)

FB Number: S4608   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 7/10

Lovely spring day. Aerobic exercise walking up from avenue Parade!

Slightly damaged 2019-12-13 11:30 - TP0889 (Arnside Knott)

FB Number: S5406   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 8/10

Been adopted by village, interesting paint job!

Good condition 2019-02-10 12:00 - TP4301 (Knowl Moor)

FB Number: 11121   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Great views of surrounding area and Scout Moor windfarm

Good condition 2019-02-08 16:52 - TP4100 (Inchfield Moor)

FB Number: S4444   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Its been painted white, including the flush bracket!

Good condition 2019-02-08 12:00 - TP3566 (Hailstorm Ridge)

FB Number: S4615   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Does not seem as tall as usual.

Not Logged 2018-12-25 14:04 - TP6788 (Weets Hill)

FB Number: S4706   Condition: Not Logged   Score: 5/10

Last of 3 (in one day, best I've ever done) Sawley Grange Farm, Gisburn Moor & Weets Hill. Foggy damp.

Good condition 2018-12-25 14:01 - TP3362 (Gisburn Moor)

FB Number: S5392   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Adjacent to mobile phone mast compound. How their engineers get to it is a mystery, there's no path and access is across a planted field!

Good condition 2018-12-25 09:30 - TP5824 (Sawley Grange Farm)

FB Number: S5391   Condition: Good   Score: 4/10

Toppled 2018-04-15 12:00 - TP3135 (Fell Top)

FB Number: S4633   Condition: Toppled   Score: 5/10

Why O.S. could not have toppled it in any other direction, so that the flush bracket is not facing down is a mystery!

Good condition 2018-04-08 12:00 - TP4535 (Longridge Fell)

FB Number: S4561   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Good walk through forest. Great views over Bowland from trig point

Slightly damaged 2018-03-21 12:15 - TP6868 (Whins Brow)

FB Number: S4700   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 8/10

Cold, very windy, clear air, beautiful views

Good condition 2018-03-13 13:00 - TP4341 (Lane Ends)

FB Number: S5004   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Easy to find. A few yards up a farm track on left.

Good condition 2018-03-13 12:00 - TP4768 (Mellor)

FB Number: S4486   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Lovely spring day. Access very wet!

Slightly damaged 2018-02-25 11:30 - TP1538 (Bottoms Farm)

FB Number: S4654   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 5/10

Boggy access

Good condition 2018-02-25 10:00 - TP4948 (Mount Pleasant)

FB Number: S4424   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Just above freezing, bright sun but blowing hard!

Good condition 2018-02-18 13:00 - TP5777 (Rushy Hill)

FB Number: S4498   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

On a clear day you can see the wind farm!

Good condition 2018-02-18 11:00 - TP3963 (Hog Lowe Pike)

FB Number: S4555   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Misty. Probably great view in summer!

Unreachable but visible 2017-10-12 13:45 - TP4896 (Monubent)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Unreachable but visible   Score: 3/10

Strange location. Its in a hedge! Bottom half is overgrown with ivy and plate is not visible.

Not Logged 2017-10-12 13:00 - TP5119 (Newton Fell)

FB Number: S4698   Condition: Not Logged   Score: 6/10

Found it by following track up to telecoms transmitter, then climbing up through heather to hill crest. Pillar over wall at top.

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