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Damaged 2018-12-04 15:55 - TP6542 (Torrisholme Barrow)

FB Number: S5369   Condition: Damaged   Score: 4/10

Surprised at the view here, sure it isn't as good as some of the lakeland peaks but its alot easier to get to and still a great place for a short walk. Significant portion of the pillar is missing.

Flush bracket ©skifans
The trig ©skifans

Possibly missing 2018-08-27 12:33 - TP7306 (Saddleback)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Possibly missing   Score: 5/10

It is being reported on local social media groups that the ring is now missing :( I have not been up to confirm/check this. Edit: Report at contains quote from OS confirming that they did not remove the ring.

Good condition 2018-06-03 11:35 - TP0141 (White Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Walked up from Cross of Greet to get the mystery cache around the summit, these are impressive towers around. There's another larger one a few hundred meters SSE of the trig as well as the one nearby. Views not realy that good from the summit but nice on the way up, and as usual deserted. I found the area dryer then expected based on other logs, but then again it havn't rained that much recently, or maybe I got lucky.

The flush bracket ©skifans
Trig and View ©skifans

Good condition 2018-05-27 12:06 - TP2665 (Crutchenber Fell)

FB Number: S5621   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Got the bus out to Cross of Greet and planned to walk along to Bowland Knots and return, took around 2 hours in total. The track marked on open street maps and ordinance survey was very hard to follow and largely invisible, but navigational was fine by following fences. Mostly walking over long grass which didn't significantly effect progress. Good views from the trig point.

Bracket ©skifans
The trig ©skifans
The trig ©skifans
The trig ©skifans

Good condition 2018-05-23 17:09 - TP6689 (View Field)

FB Number: S5405   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Enjoying the weather cycling between Wennington and Lancaster. Wasn't expecting to pass any trig points today but saw this one from the road so left the bike and walked up to the pillar. Good views, the peacefulness was though slightly spoilt by some military aircraft flying low around the area.

Trig ©skifans
Bracket ©skifans

Couldn't find it 2018-05-13 16:57 - TP17134 (Green Lane)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Couldn't find it   Score: 2/10

Fancied a short walk and thought id come and try my luck. Agreed it was most likely destroyed when this area of the university was built however the coordinates listed haven't themselves been redeveloped. My phone led me several meters past the end of the carpark to the hedgerow between the university and the hotel. Very overgrown, maybe deserves another look in winter with less shrubs around.

General area ©skifans
General area ©skifans
General area ©skifans
General area ©skifans
General area ©skifans
General area ©skifans

Good condition 2018-05-06 19:53 - TP9857 (Morecambe Harbour Lighthouse)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Dropped by on the way back from the Lakes, very nice place. Spent a little too long taking pictures and nearly had a long wait for the bus back to Lancaster.

The Lighthouse ©skifans

Good condition 2018-05-06 15:02 - TP3724 (Helvellyn)

FB Number: S5948   Condition: Good   Score: 9/10

Came up from Glenriding along Swirral edge and then descended back into Thirspot. Took me a little over 4 hours. Very busy today along the ridge which was good fun. Views were arguably better along the ridge rather then at the summit, but there isn't the space to stop and admire it sadly.


Good condition 2018-05-02 16:05 - TP1795 (Burrow Heights)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

easy access, surprisingly good view

view SE towords university ©skifans

Good condition 2017-12-31 12:04 - TP4623 (Mam Tor)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

had a great walk up from Edale train station and then back down towards Castleton, good views. very busy at summit.

Good condition 2017-12-02 14:32 - TP6150 (Stanage Edge)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

lovely views

trig point just visible at summit ©skifans
view from near trig site ©skifans

Good condition 2017-11-02 14:41 - TP2382 (Coniston Old Man)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

Quite a bit of cloud today and very busy but good views from the summit

Looking northwards with trig to the right ©skifans

Good condition 2017-10-02 10:49 - TP6761 (Warton Crag)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

Good views from the top and a nice walk.

the trig ©skifans

Slightly damaged 2015-08-23 17:00 - TP5447 (Pillar)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 10/10

Found on a weekend trip to the lakes while walking from yha Buttermere to yha Black sail hut. Came up the north face, path invisible and small section of scrambling required

The trig ©skifans
Trig view-able in background ©skifans

Good condition 2015-07-05 13:05 - TP7306 (Saddleback)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

found as part of a round trip from Troutbeck, climbed up Hells feel and returned to the east along the river glenderamackin. Great views and nice scrambling required during the climb.

the market marker©skifans

Good condition 2012-08-18 00:00 - TP5828 (Sca Fell)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

Walked up from Eskdale, it was a long way but surprisingly quiet - but the summit was busy as expected. Started out cloudy but as we approached the summit it began clearing and looked amazing.

Good condition 2012-05-03 13:01 - TP6001 (Skiddaw)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 10/10

Completed the climb from Keswick with a stay at yha Skiddaw house - an amazing place.

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