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Couldn't find it 2019-09-06 12:39 - TP23992 (Hook Field)

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The location is Effingham Common, which is a lovely open space. There’s a path at the top of Heath View (KT24 5EA) on the right into the common. From Nightingale Road turn right into Heath View. No parking at the top end, where the path is, but free parking a short distance back. As you enter the common there’s a line of trees on the right. If the trig exists it’s close to that line about 100 m down from the entrance. It looks like there’s also a low bank there, so the trig may be on top of that. The sign at the entrance to the common says that skylarks are nesting in the grass, so keep to the paths. That prevented any searching. When I got home I looked up skylarks in our bird book and they nest from April to June, so the sign is out of date. If this trig exists, it should be avoided in those months, but at other times of the year it should be OK.

the view from the entrance to the common

Good condition 2019-09-03 13:00 - TP8810 (Clayhall Lane)

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The postcode for that end of Clayhall Lane is RH2 8LD. The trig is actually in Flanchford Road, South-West of the junction. However the only safe places I found to park were a grass verge in Clayhall Lane at OS ref 524015,148593, and New North Road (RH2 8LZ), just off Clayhall Lane. Walk back to the junction, turn right and head up the hill. Past one telegraph pole on the left and the trig is by the next pole, at the top of the hill, unsurprisingly. There's a large tree opposite. (See my photo.) Nice views across the downs. I found the trig using Griefmiester’s directions but it was only just visible. I had a garden trowel and fork with me and I re-excavated the edges. It's no good for my purposes (calibrating a GPS device) because it's overshadowed by the tree and my device couldn't see enough satellites. In the winter it may work better.

the trig and the tree
the telegraph pole and the trig
the trig, showing the metal position pin

Good condition 2019-08-13 12:30 - TP5634 (Reigate Park)

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Drove to Park Lane (RH2 8QR) - narrow and winding, with passing places. Parked in a rough layby at the junction with Littleton Lane. View across the valley to the windmill where TP5633 is located. Footpath opposite the layby with a short flight of steps up. At the top, ignore the main path and continue on the narrow path up the hill (steep but short). This takes you to a wide track running East-West. Turn right and walk about three quarters of a mile to the monument. The trig is to the left of the track, a few yards back from the monument, at the edge of the wood, a bit buried in the undergrowth (see my picture). A nice woodland walk with some views along the way, although none at the trig when the trees are in full leaf. (Note: having looked around a bit more I see that there’s a closer entrance near the junction of Park Lane East and Priory Drive, where you can park on the street, and another on the East side of the park, near a public car park.)

monument and trig Taken looking northish. The monument is on the extreme right and the trig is in the undergrowth on the extreme left.

Not Logged 2019-06-06 14:00 - TP6981 (Windmill Hill)

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I went to check the quality of my Emlid Reach GPS unit, which claims sub-metre accuracy when supplied with NTRIP corrections from a nearby source. I used the free service The source is a couple of miles way at Herstmonceaux Castle. The unit reported a position of 564667.977,112100.993 and 57.907 m above sea level. So, accurate as advertised. (Unfortunately, if you want an NTRIP correction source close to wherever you are, that will probably involve a subscription to a commercial service such as Trimble's.) Some useful information. The bus stop does have free parking spaces at one end as mentioned in some logs. You can also park in Victoria Road (BN27 4TG). There's a public footpath opposite that looks like it will allow you to and from the trig without a fuss, if you can get over the fence. The bank in between the main road and the field is lower in some places than others, but covered in brambles. Stout clothes and footware needed for that route. Some of the directions in other logs seem to refer to the track to the right of the Horseshoe Inn, which is on the eastern edge of Windmill Hill Village. A few yards down that track is a fork, go right towards Dacre Barn) and the gate is on the left. There are some very classy houses by the gate and the residents are understandably a bit suspicious of strangers wandering about, but when I explained what I was up to, the woman I spoke to was very helpful. The trig is on land which is part of Comphurst Farm ( It might be worth contacting the owners via the website if you plan a v.isit

Good condition 2019-05-30 15:00 - TP6948 (Willingdon Hill)

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Directions: Butts Lane postcode is BN20 9EN. It's two lanes but steep and fairly narrow. The car park is about 1Km up and charges by the hour. The trig is 10-15 minutes walk further along the ridge. Head approximately South as Slateloose said in another log. On the way, pass a radio mast and a memorial to a bomber crew whose plane crashed here in the second war. The aim of my visit was to test an Emlid GPS device when receiving corrections from the NTRIP station at Hertmonceaux Castle. Good weather and nice views when I got to the car park but by the time I got to the trig, a thick mist had come in. Visibility and GPS performance fell markedly. Most of the time my device could only see a couple of satellites, only occasionally four, which is the minimum for a fix. (In the car park it could see about ten.) The position it gave me was 557713.92, 100938.917, height 201.594m, so out by about 1m East, 10cm North, 30cm height. Not bad because it's about 12Km from the station, and I've read that NTRIP correction starts to lose accuracy around 10Km from the source.

Good condition 2019-05-02 14:31 - TP0419 (M25 Junction 9)

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Easy to find with help of a 4cm to 1km OS map. The cross of branches left a few months ago by TrigJS is still there. Thanks for that. To clarify the directions in previous posts a bit: on the Kingston Road at the B&Q/Tesco roundabout, take the third exit, which is the continuation of Kingston Road. At the top, cross the M25 on the footbridge. At the other end of the bridge, on the right side of the path there’s a gap in the fence. Go through that into a bit of woodland. A few hundred metres in is the very start of the M25 slip-on. Cross over and head up to the top of the mound. Best to avoid the morning and evening rush on the slip road. In the woods there are brambles and nettles. Nearby Teazle Wood has adders, so they may well be here too. Wellies and gloves are a smart idea. Crossing the slip road seems to be the only way to get to this trig. It's also surrounded by trees and scrubby plants, so it's now no use for line of sight surveying. That may be why it's no longer on the OS' official list. My guess is that they set it up to lay out that bit of the M25. After that it wasn't needed so the mound is not kept clear.

The trig with the marker left by TrigJS
The trig with the marker left by TrigJS
The start of the M25 slip-on from opposite the mound

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