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Good condition 2019-09-12 16:27 - TP1668 (Bromley Muir)

FB Number: S5086   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

PA Great views although large pylon ~10 yds SW

view SE©tp-stm
View SE©tp-stm

Slightly damaged 2019-09-12 15:04 - TP0876 (Ardmore)

FB Number: 11506   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 6/10

PA Definitely exists. Flush bracket only the 1506 clear. It is surrounded on the seaward side by gorse and brambles. A second entry for this pillar suggests it is at Greenock which is across the Clyde and should be deleted.

I see no Ships! ©tp-stm

Good condition 2019-09-10 12:43 - TP4290 (Knockour Hill)

FB Number: S5042   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

PA,IG Good considering its age and structure Moss covered

No moss on this plate!
You can tell which side is N-ish ©tp-stm

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