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Logged visits for rockwellcm

Destroyed 2004-07-18 23:43 - TP0570 (Arbirlot FBM Aux 1)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Destroyed   Score: 5/10

After an extensive search again of this area in very good condition,no sign of this FMB

Good condition 2004-07-18 23:42 - TP7141 (Arbirlot)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Found it,in good condition,enter by the field and head toward the old quarry,it is to the right of the quarry entering from the south via the field. this one is not as obvious as the perth one,due to moss growing on the FMB

Good condition 2004-07-04 22:01 - TP4242 (Kinpurnie Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

It looks like there is some renovation work been going on,part of the Newtyle walk route A new marker is beside the Trig now

not such a good day

Good condition 2004-06-26 18:56 - TP0496 (Perth)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Great Trig,bad day pouring rain,TomTom3 found this spot on,a quick vault over the fence and spotted it no problem Picture uploaded with Greg beside it


Couldn't find it 2004-06-23 20:28 - TP0048 (Buddon Aux 3)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Couldn't find it   Score: 5/10

Looking for the bolt,but very difficult to get to due to the extensive road works,will try again in better weather

Couldn't find it 2004-06-23 20:25 - TP0570 (Arbirlot FBM Aux 1)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Couldn't find it   Score: 5/10

There had been heavy grass cutting,and i could not find it,will try again,now that i know what i am looking for

Good condition 2004-06-23 20:19 - TP4308 (Knox Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

This Trig is surrounded,by gorse bushes,tried to get to it beaten back by the gorse easy to see the top on aproach from east

Couldn't find it 2004-06-23 20:15 - TP7141 (Arbirlot)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Couldn't find it   Score: 5/10

This gave me a reading at a disused Quarry no sign of anything that resembled a OS trig looks like someone had been in the same location

Good condition 2004-06-22 21:07 - TP2912 (Dundee Law)

FB Number: S4607   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Not much to say about this one,been here many a time,it could do with a paint

Law Trig ©rockwellcm

Good condition 2004-06-22 21:02 - TP6076 (South Pourie)

FB Number: S4602   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

This trig point is in good condition, but the path leading up to it is now someone’s garden!! Permission was sought to get access, to the trig Nice views of angus and Dundee from Trig

Trig in a field ©rockwellcm

Good condition 2004-06-21 21:23 - TP6425 (The Roundie)

FB Number: S4729   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Found this a year ago on my Mountain Bike,this time struggled to find it. This area was well maintained last visit,but it is all overgrown again


Destroyed 2004-06-21 21:07 - TP4174 (Kerryston Bank)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Destroyed   Score: 1/10

I can confirm this Trig is gone,GPS was spot on right at road side.and a new field fence runs at the spot where the recorded Trig should Be

Toppled 2004-06-21 20:58 - TP0045 (Denhead)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Toppled   Score: 2/10

This surface block has been moved,by a tractor,i have reported this to OS See Picture

Damaged Trig Point
Tractor Tyre Marks

Destroyed 2004-06-21 09:00 - TP4773 (Menzies Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Destroyed   Score: 5/10

Went up her before looking at the site,this one is long gone,wasted visit.

Good condition 2004-06-21 08:55 - TP2419 (Corporation Quarry)

FB Number: S4599   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

I got access,due to my work and and an old friend who used to be the RSM at the TA centre,The trig is in great condition,but it is very overgrown and hard to get to.a quick wade through the nettles reveals a very good condition trig

Overgrown but nice condition
Like new the side plate Like new but watch out for the brambles!!

Good condition 2004-06-07 21:17 - TP2528 (Craigowl)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

This Trig is between the 2 radio stations,you have to climb the small fence for access

View to the south near the top

Good condition 2004-05-26 19:04 - TP4611 (Mailer Hill)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Badded this as part of of a Geocache,early in the morning so i forgot my camera nice views all round

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