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Logged visits for DrDick&Vick

Good condition 2011-12-07 14:10 - TP0453 (Beachy Head)

FB Number: S1834   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Very very cold & windy up there today. Pillar in good condition.

Good condition 2011-07-22 15:30 - TP3407 (Goonhilly Down)

FB Number: S1732   Condition: Good   Score: 5/10

Found while geocaching in the area. Area around the trig has been completely cleared. Spotted the phantom trig but in a different location. See pics.

The Phantom Trig behind bars?? ©DrDick&Vick
Close up of the Phantom Trig? ©DrDick&Vick

Good condition 2010-08-27 14:20 - TP2629 (Crowan Beacon)

FB Number: S7904   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Visited this trigpoint while doing the nearby geocache. Excellant views from here, well worth the climb.

Good condition 2010-07-14 13:30 - TP1966 (Carn Marth)

FB Number: S7938   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Had come up to grab the nearby Geocache and couldnt resist visiting the trig point. Flush bracket intact, cap missing from the top of the bracket.

Carn Marth Trig Pillar
Carn Marth Flush Bracket

Good condition 2010-05-09 14:45 - TP4766 (Meldon Hill)

FB Number: S3448   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Really good day for the views,found on way to find the Meldon Heights cache. Fantastic views up here.

Good condition 2009-11-07 15:45 - TP4257 (Kithurst Hill)

FB Number: S4000   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Found while out geocaching. The centre plg on the top is missing.

Good condition 2009-10-18 11:00 - TP7053 (Woodmans Hill)

FB Number: S6410   Condition: Good   Score: 6/10

Nice walk up to here, have been here many times before, had never heard of Trigpointing then.

Good condition 2009-10-12 15:15 - TP3819 (Highdown Hill)

FB Number: S4011   Condition: Good   Score: 8/10

Interesting site, lovely views. FOund whilst out Geocaching around Highdown Hill

Good condition 2009-10-10 14:45 - TP0473 (Gracelands)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 3/10

Found whilst out on a caching trip at GC1NCFC Didn't realise that these bolts were loggable. Now I know.

Slightly damaged 2009-10-07 14:00 - TP1553 (Box Hill)

FB Number: S3358   Condition: Slightly damaged   Score: 5/10

There is some damage to this T/Point which looks as if it is due to the popularity of the area with 'modern youngsters'. The views of Dorking and the surrounding areas is fantastic. Used to bring Army Cadets to this point, some years ago, to do some of their Map & Compass work.

Good condition 2009-09-12 12:00 - TP0746 (St Agnes Beacon)

FB Number: Not logged   Condition: Good   Score: 7/10

Was up here at a cachers meet and had forgot to log it. The pillar is well kep and has been clad. The views of the coastline are stunning. We spent a really pleasant hour in the company of some really nice Cornish Cachers.

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