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Profile for johnbamforth

Name:John Bamforth
Member since:2009-09-04
Personal details:Retired Dec 2010 at the tender age of 65. Started hiking in 2006 after stopping smoking 60-a-day for 30 years! Began trig bagging in Aug 2009 as a side effect of hiking, hence I give a brief description of the walk details in the logs. For camera buffs, I use a Canon EOS 400D with a Canon Zoom EFS 55-250mm IS lens. The Binoculars I use are Olympus Trooper 10 x 50 DPS R. On photos of key landmarks, I try to show the range & bearing of the landmark from the trigpoint. When I first started this lark, I had decided I wasn't going to bother with MISSING trigs, but quickly discovered that locating the exact position of them was a challenge; and I love a challenge! I am a keen supporter of the Countryside Code. I will trespass if no harm is caused (e.g. by using field edges), but I do NOT climb over dry-stone walls or over fences/gates etc. I would challenge ALL Trigbaggers to honor the Code. Those who don't (and cause damage) give all of us a bad name and make it more difficult for landowners to respect us and give permissions when asked. I was recently hopeful of developing a way of saving Trig Pillars from destruction. These important landmarks are monuments with history. Unfortunately I have not been able to find sufficient support for the project.

Total of 102 trigpoints logged:
By current use
NCE Adjustment22
Passive station6
Active station1
By historic use
3rd order66
4th order18
13th order - GPS2
Fundamental Benchmark1
By type
Surface Block1
Active station1
Intersected Station1
By condition
Slightly damaged15
Unreachable but visible2
Couldn't find it1

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