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Profile for VivTheTrig

Name:Viv Tabner
Email address:Not released
Member since:2010-02-24
Personal details:I am, by nature, a hillwalker but have never confined my walks to lists to be bagged. If it's a hill with a view its worth climbing regardless of it's presence in a list. My friends have always called any minor blip of a hill a "Vivienne" as they know I'll be up it given half a chance. I noticed early on in my walking career that trig points were almost invariably on hills with the best views and so have been bagging them a long time without knowing there was a "sport". For me the driving force is to see the view. I knew about the concrete ring trigs as I seen them on Blencathra, Branstree etc but was totally oblivious to rivets, bolts and the rest. I came across the block in Williamson Park, Lancaster quite by accident, had a look on the web when I got home to see what I could find about it, found this site and hey presto a whole new world of interesting things to see and do! I find the site a great help in planning visits, particularly for trigs that are on private land or difficult of access. I try and limit my logs to things that others may find helpful - route if unusual or an easier alternative and what I often find the most useful piece of info, where can you safely park. I am currently working back through my photographs to retrospectively log all my trig visits. Thanks to Ian and Barry for doing a fab job maintaining the site and to those who provide valuable info for us all to follow. Happy trigging!

Total of 16 trigpoints logged:
By current use
Passive station4
By historic use
3rd order4
4th order2
Fundamental Benchmark1
By type
Intersected Station2
Concrete Ring1
By condition

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