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Profile for staggie34

Name:David Walker
Home page:http://google
Member since:2005-11-10
Personal details:Started hill walking with my Dad when I was a wee lad, backin the mid- to late 80's, concentrating much on the Northumberland hills and moors. Got distracted during my teens but got back into hill walking in 2004, and thus all my hill records date from then. Living in Morpeth, Northumberland, I concentrated mainly on the Cheviots as well as the odd (but ever increasing) trips to Cumbria and Scotland. In 2008 I moved to Haydon Bridge in Tynedale and have begun bagging the many trigs around there. Stumbled upon this superb site whilst Googling for photos of Shillhope Law in the Cheviots and got hooked. Favourite trig: Bruach Na Frithe (Skye) or Hedgehope Hill (Cheviots). Least favourite: those trigs that hide in fields next to walls. CHANGED USERNAME FROM "walkerd" TO "staggie34" IN SEPT 2009.

Total of 109 trigpoints logged:
By current use
Passive station6
Active station1
By historic use
3rd order51
4th order1
By type
Surface Block2
Concrete Ring2
Intersected Station1
Active station1
Buried Block1
By condition
Slightly damaged13
Couldn't find it4
Not Logged2

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