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Profile for jwrouse

Name:Jonathan Rouse
Member since:2006-05-26
Personal details:Retired in 1996 after 34 years in administrative management. Trig bagger since ealy 1980s but more actively since retirement. Slowing down somewhat now that I've passed 3 score years & 10. "Retired" a second time (from trig bagging) in 2009 due to age and infirmity but I have the satisfaction of 1159 pillars visited and all but about a dozen of them photographed since I started fairly late at the age of 50. Sorry I haven't put more logs on this site - I've been too busy creating photo montages of my own and other people's trig photos - nearly 7000 so far - about two thirds of them from Rob Woodall's photos.

Total of 17 trigpoints logged:
By current use
NCE Adjustment2
Passive station1
By historic use
3rd order8
4th order2
13th order - GPS2
By type
Surface Block1
By condition
Slightly damaged2

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