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Profile for mickandshane

Name:mick milner
Email address:mick dot milner at edmund-nuttall dot co dot uk
Member since:2003-12-22
Personal details:We started trigging in 1994 when it seemed a good way of combining walks in the south of England at the weekend with weeks holidays in the hillier parts of England and Wales. We have photos of all the trigs we've visited but our camera of choice is a Voigtlander 110, (I don't think there were digitals in 1994), and to put these on the website would be a lengthy process - taking them out of the album, scanning them etc. We might do it some day. From an early stage we decided to concentrate on England and Wales, and to try and visit the higher trigs - something we've achieved pretty well, although we'll have to give Kielder Forest a bit more attention. We have bagged the border trigs in the Cheviots where they lie on the watershed, although some of these are technically in Scotland. Foot and mouth stopped us in our tracks (literally!) in February 2001 and what with a career change and other commitments we didn't get back into it properly until late 2003 - when we discovered this wonderful website. Long may it continue!

Total of 3023 trigpoints logged:
By current use
Passive station154
NCE Adjustment50
By historic use
3rd order1793
4th order122
13th order - GPS11
Fundamental Benchmark7
By type
Concrete Ring6
Buried Block1
By condition
Slightly damaged113
Unreachable but visible2
Possibly missing1

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