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Profile for Haggis Hunter

Email address:Not released
Member since:2004-02-09
Personal details:THE ART OF HUNTING HAGGIS: First of all it is important to describe a haggis to you. It is a small mammal that lives in the hills and Highlands of Scotland. It has a bill like beak, and four legs. It's two left legs are shorter than it's two right legs, this allowing it to negotiate the steap inclines with ease. However it's down fall is, is that it can't negotiate the hills very well in a clockwise direction, only in a anti-clockwise direction. Now to the hunting: Because they can negotiate terrain better going in a anti-clockwise direction, you must travel in a clockwise direction. You must make as much noise as possible (just like beating for grouse and pheasants). When they hear you, they are alarmed and try to run away from you. To do this they must turn around and run in a clockwise direction, which causes them to lose they're footing and fall down the mountain/hill. This is where it helps if you're slightly insane , as you have to run down the hill as fast as possible to get to the Haggis, before it gets it's bearings and runs off. Once there you kill it with your hunting knife. It must be noted however that Haggis Hunting is a seasonal hunt, and must only happen between the dates of 30th November and 25th January. Otherwise you will be commiting an offence under common Scottish law.

Total of 61 trigpoints logged:
By current use
Passive station6
NCE Adjustment1
By historic use
3rd order23
4th order2
By type
By condition
Slightly damaged3
Unreachable but visible2

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