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TP18163 - Odeon Cinema
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Destroyed Destroyed
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West Midlands
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Odeon CinemaSJ90/T62SJ90T062390249.35284300.770.0004BOLT01/06/194901Dest 12/87

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By pkbathrooms

By pkbathrooms
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long gone.............


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The Central Cinema was opened on 16th May 1929 with the German silent film “Love’s Crucifixion” (Liebesholle) staring Ala Suminska. It was built and operated by an independent company. Designed by Dudley based architectural firm Webb & Gray, it had a mix of Neo Classical and the (by then) new Art Deco styles. Seating was provided in stalls and a horseshoe shaped balcony. The Central Cinema was equipped with a Compton 3Manual/10Ranks organ, which was opened by organist John Howlett. In around May 1937, it was taken over by the Oscar Deutsch chain of Odeon Theatres Ltd. and was re-named Odeon in January 1938. The Compton organ was removed in 1958. The Odeon was closed by the Rank Organisation on 16th June 1973 with Warren Beatty in “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Blind Terror”. The cinema was converted into Stringers department store. It later became Owen & Owen department store. This closed in 1990 and the building was demolished. A Wilkinsons store was built on the site.

This splendid view is of the foyer as you entered from the High Street. Just out of sight on the floor in front of the steps was a mosaic of the town’s motto ‘One Heart, One Way’. There were two pay boxes either side at the top of the steps and straight ahead led to the stalls. On the left, past the second pillar, was the staircase to the balcony foyer. Opposite was a veranda with an indoor fish pond. Very little changed in this photograph over the years except for a modern combined kiosk and pay box installed on the right hand side replacing the veranda and pond
This is a view of the Compton organ which was removed in 1958 and is now in Netherton Parish Church. The mock flower beds were replaced with just an open orchestra pit containing a grand piano, which was eventually removed after further modernisation
Another view of the main foyer, this time looking towards the main doors to the High Street. This shows the grand staircase leading up to the balcony foyer and on its landing was a beautiful stain glass window
The main entrance from the High Street just before its name changed from The Central Theatre to The Odeon.
As seen on the main page, a view of the auditorium in 1937 just after Odeon’s takeover. All of the black and white photographs from the John Maltby collection, Odeon’s in-house photographer. All were taken in that same year. It has been mentioned that it was converted into a furniture store when it closed, however only the foyer was incorporated into the shop next door. The main auditorium minus its seats became a store room with very little altered. This remained a hidden ghost theatre gem and its beauty and potential was only revealed when it was being demolished. Far too late, hopefully lessons have been learned from this.

Destroyed 11th Nov 2017  15:44  by peregrinus

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dest 12/87, redeveloped

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