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TP2401 - Coppet Hill
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OSGB36 trig archive spreadsheet - IW
Coppet HillST11/T21ST11T021342096.4995704.72157.8863PILLAR01/06/1947201/06/1947N0

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 1571st with 18 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 6.64/10 (from 25 logged visits)
Was First logged: 13th Feb 2005
Was Last logged: 9th Aug 2018

Of the 25 logged visits,
6 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 96m
The average error was 19m
1 was exact

Colmers Hill Colmers Hill Sloes Hill Sloes Hill lejogger lejogger Glaslyn Glaslyn pkbathrooms pkbathrooms jonglew jonglew caroleengel caroleengel g4wsb g4wsb Coppet Hill Coppet Hill [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Selection of photos for this Pillar.




pat29 at Coppet Trig ,

By pkbathrooms
See 16 more in the album.

Logged Visits:

Good condition 9th Aug 2018  18:10  by WuzzerL

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 10/10

great condition of pillar and amazing views


Good condition 9th Aug 2018  18:09  by Pritch227

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

over from golden cap,superb views


Good condition 27th Jul 2017  01:30  by Skerryvore

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Part of a 12.5 mile walk from Whitchurch Canonicorum. It started to rain just as I reached the trigpoint. Two loved up Roe Deer kept fleeing from me as I left the trig. Great views of surrounding coast and countryside despite the showers.

Good condition 2nd Apr 2016  12:38  by g4wsb

Gridref: SY 42100 95710   FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Easy walk from parking at track entrance.


Not Logged 10th Jul 2015  12:58  by pat29

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Not Logged  Score: 8/10

pat29 at Coppet Trig , ©pat29

Good condition 28th Mar 2015  17:25  by jonglew

Gridref: SY 42097 95705   FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

On Litton Cheney Trig Baggers weekend. Parking at Purcombe Farm. Steep walk up over pastures and through several gates. Trig approx 250m E of hill's summit. Pillar found in good condition. Original cap in place, lightly indented lettering; rear sight hole open. Panoramic views.

Good condition 28th Mar 2015  13:30  by Dusty

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Visit with pkbathrooms & SlainteJimmy

Baggers & pillar in the rain
Flush Bracket

Good condition 28th Mar 2015  13:27  by pkbathrooms

Gridref: SY 42096 95705   FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

misty up here when we visited

Good condition 28th Mar 2015  13:00  by SlainteJimmy

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 12th Mar 2015  12:00  by lejogger

Gridref: SY 42000 95700   FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

En route

Good condition 1st Apr 2014  00:00  by caroleengel

Gridref: SY 42098 95711   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parking and permission to walk across fields readily given at Purcombe Flat (part of Purcombe Farm complex). Recommended route, via following gates SY419962, SY419961, SY419958

Good condition 11th Apr 2012  10:33  by THE CYCLIST

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Beautiful sunny morning. My 100th pillar of the year. Left bike at Purcombe Farm and walked up. Seems to be some extra stiles than officail ROWs.

Good condition 16th Jun 2011  00:00  by Nekyram

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Good condition 6th Apr 2011  15:47  by Triggola

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Good views from the top of the hill, the TP is located on the 157m summit instead of the 161m one.

Good condition 3rd Jan 2011  11:05  by Trigger

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10


Good condition 23rd Sep 2010  16:30  by RogerTempleman

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 9/10

Struggled up through woods from Denhay Farm in thunder storm. Pause in the rain at the top with great views. Then down via Purcombe Farm - should have read other people's logs before starting. Wet and muddy but happy!

Roger at the pillar

Good condition 3rd Aug 2010  13:35  by micks trigs

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

i parked at Denhay farm yard after asking permission at the office, then followed footpath to top then along fence line admiring the far reaching views on the way to pillar in good condition

©micks trigs

Good condition 20th May 2008  14:55  by bluebeard

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

unlike my visit today to north poorton, the grass had been recently cut so progress was swift

Good condition 28th Dec 2007  12:45  by mitsiman

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Lovely views from the top of this hill. Parked in the entrance to Purcombe farm and follwed the FP up. Good condition.


Good condition 11th Aug 2007  16:11  by Trigger happy

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 10/10

Good condition 6th Aug 2006  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

vgc, metal cap shallow letters, pasture, nice view

Good condition 20th May 2006  14:00  by maurice

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Good panoramic views, base of trig partly exposed.

Good condition 18th Apr 2006  12:00  by Glaslyn

Gridref: SY 42090 95700   FB Number: 3746  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Lovely views all around,access fine as on ROW.


Good condition 20th Feb 2005  14:30  by Managra

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parked, as Mick and Shane suggested, at the entrance to Purcombe Farm. Set on a concrete plinth and in good condition. Fantastic views in all directions. Saw a buzzard on the way back. Metal plug with lightly indented lettering.

Flush bracket

Good condition 13th Feb 2005  13:40  by mickandshane

FB Number: S3746  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

A pleasant walk up from the entrance to Purcombe Farm where, with care, it is possible to park. Excellent views towards Pilsdon in the north and Golden Cap in the south. Plug with indented lettering.

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