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TP2614 - Crooksbury Hill
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Crooksbury HillSU77/T12SU77T012487869.42145950.82162.5553PILLAR01/06/1951101/06/1974N0

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 1752nd with 22 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 6.54/10 (from 48 logged visits)
Was First logged: 14th Jul 1983
Was Last found intact: 14th May 2016
Was Last logged: 9th Jul 2018

Of the 48 logged visits,
13 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 85m
The average error was 11m
2 were exact

Farnham County Hospital Water Tank Farnham County Hospital Water Tank Farnham Girls Grammar School Farnham Girls Grammar School Monkton Lane Monkton Lane Red Hill Red Hill Pilgrims Way Pilgrims Way Downs Hill Downs Hill slateloose slateloose jonglew jonglew Clanfield Rambler Clanfield Rambler seanmac seanmac Trigglets Trigglets The White Family The White Family TrigJS TrigJS Alan Grove Alan Grove Darac Darac pharisee pharisee dpbamford dpbamford caroleengel caroleengel martinc martinc Crooksbury Hill Crooksbury Hill [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Trig Point
Flush Bracket
Crooksbury Hill selfie
GPS showing summit below trigpoint?
By TrigJS
Plaque on pillar
By dpbamford
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Logged Visits:

Converted 9th Jul 2018  12:00  by G1ANQ

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 8/10

I saw that I was going to drive past this on the way home so decided to stop and bag it as it looked very interesting. And I am glad I did. Parked in the carpark and walked up steps to Trig. It has been rebuilt as a toposcope and a plaque to the Planning Officer for Surrey, Theodore Vincent Scott Durrant put on it. Nice to see that dead trigs can have a new lease of life. Good views. A lovely Trig to finish the day on!

Flush Bracket
Trig Point

Remains 30th Jun 2018  13:06  by slateloose

Gridref: SU 87800 45900   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Remains  Score: 5/10

Steep walk up from car park to trig with topograph with only views in one direction

Converted 21st Apr 2018  16:28  by thejackrustles

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 10/10

Short but steep walk up from car park (N51 12.249' W0 44.673') to converted trig. Fantastic views. Surprised it still had the flush bracket. My GPSr had the hill marked at a point clearly below the summit, strange?

Crooksbury Hill selfie ©thejackrustles
Crooksbury Hill route ©thejackrustles
GPS showing summit below trigpoint? ©thejackrustles
Toposcope and view ©thejackrustles
Crooksbury Hill collage ©thejackrustles

Remains 16th Feb 2018  14:07  by TrigJS

Gridref: SU 87872 45952   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Remains  Score: 8/10

Lovely day and great views from the trig point.

TP2614 The trig point
TP2614 Flush bracket
TP2614 Top of the trig

Converted 23rd Jul 2017  11:15  by The Reverend

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 7/10

Short walk from car park to South.

Converted 26th Jun 2017  15:45  by ocean soul

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 7/10

Converted 28th Feb 2017  00:00  by caroleengel

Gridref: SU 87867 45966   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Converted  Score: 5/10

Converted 16th Oct 2016  12:31  by Trigpoint100

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 7/10

Circular walk on a sunny day from Puttenham, great autumn colours. Trig has been refurbished, apparently in Feb 2016 according to a passing local, and is now encased in stonework. Fortunately the FB and the plaque are still in place. Topograph also still in place, around the original asphalt filled centre of the spider. Unfortunately the vegetation hasn't been cut back so views are rather limited. But still a grand place.

Spruced up Natty stonework!©Trigpoint100

Good condition 14th May 2016  16:15  by Cipollini

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

Details to follow

Remains 16th Jan 2015  14:41  by TadleyTrailblazers

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Remains  Score: 7/10

Great views from this restored TP

Remains 9th Jan 2015  14:41  by tadley trailblazers

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Remains  Score: 7/10

Great views from this restored TP

Good condition 1st Jan 2015  12:30  by babelgrim

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

First log. First of the year. Crooksbury is a great place to start.

Soggy nyd pillar
Soggy nyd pillar
Flush bracket

Good condition 28th Dec 2013  15:15  by Girton

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 3rd Aug 2013  12:19  by trigangel

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

TA Great view

Converted 2nd Aug 2013  17:30  by jonglew

Gridref: SU 87870 45949   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Converted  Score: 4/10

Handy parking area off minor road. Short but steep ascent to top of hill. Plaque on pillar states it was 'Restored in 1991' seems more to have been a conversion into a toposcope as it doesn't much resemble a pillar any longer but it looks very much like a toposcope! No FB, no spider; appears truncated, but probably due to a built up concrete plinth; top has been enlarged to take the toposcope; there is a central hole of the usual diameter, filled with a composite plug so maybe there are the remains of a pillar within. Excellent panoramic views S through to E of distance hills. All other directions obscured by trees.

Pillar TP2614©jonglew
Plaque at Front TP2614©jonglew
Plaque at Rear TP2614©jonglew
Toposcope TP2614©jonglew

Not Logged 27th May 2012  00:00  by steve&tina

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Not Logged  Score: 5/10

Great views and a lovely place to picnic

Converted 23rd Jan 2012  12:30  by Wubbleyew

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 8/10

My first ever trig in Surrey; a rapid ascent up to the top of Crooksbury Hill leaving me somewhat breathless, but of course the views were worth it. A strange and unusual trig for this is a much 'fatter' pillar, and at some stage must have replaced the original. There is one of those information metal tops giving the mileage to various points of interest. Also a plaque saying that the pillar was restored in 1991 as part of the Ordnance Survey's bi-centenary celebrations. The view across the treetops and fields of Surrey & Hampshire are wonderful, although today I noticed the smoke of 5 bonfires over the whole vista.

Good condition 13th Nov 2011  15:47  by dpbamford

Gridref: SU 87876 45957   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

Nice plaque and distance diagram on top.

Plaque on pillar

Good condition 27th Aug 2011  11:30  by martinc

Gridref: SU 87875 45969   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Pity its a replacement pillar but nice to that people have the energy to replace pillars that have fallen into disrepair or have been removed. Good views out to the west but trees limit other views.

Good condition 5th Apr 2011  16:45  by the trekbuddies

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

found by shaun before the gps went flat

Good condition 13th Jul 2010  07:15  by Team Harrison

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Lovely 2nd visit - enjoyed the 1st more! Great place for little boys - steps not good for pushchair!

Good condition 14th Feb 2010  12:29  by Eclipse

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

nice trig, found whilst running the 'punchbowl marathon'

Good condition 5th Dec 2009  14:30  by bluebeard

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Good condition 9th Apr 2009  15:35  by THE CYCLIST

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

No ROW but plenty of chice of paths upward. Worth climb for views.

Good condition 12th Jan 2008  13:00  by naturist_norm

FB Number: S6152  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

On a plinth, in good condition. Good views. busy at weekends.

Good condition 22nd Dec 2007  12:20  by Trigger

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 2nd Dec 2007  17:33  by Clanfield Rambler

Gridref: SU 87869 45950   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Pillar in good condition, on a plinth with view finder plaque on the top. Asphalt plug. Good views. Steep climb up from car park

©Clanfield Rambler

Good condition 15th Nov 2007  12:00  by iainmac

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10


Slightly damaged 22nd Jul 2007  15:08  by Darac

Gridref: SU 87869 45957   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Slightly damaged  Score: 8/10

There was a crack running across one face of the pillar, and one slab missing from the pedestal. Other than that, it was in very good condition with spectacular views across the Surrey countryside.

GPS on the top of the pillar GPS on the top of the pillar
Flush bracket Flush bracket

Good condition 24th Mar 2007  14:50  by Ann_and_Brian

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

A good climb up to this one. Views a bit obscured today.

The Pillar
Flush Bracket
The Top

Not Logged 17th Mar 2007  00:00  by manonabike

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Not Logged  Score: 5/10

late entry, in deep south (for me) with No 1 son

Slightly damaged 1st Jul 2006  14:20  by Shamus

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Slightly damaged  Score: 5/10

This is a stunning location with great views.The trigpoint is at the top of a long climb up some wooden steps.I am not sure what has been done to this TP but it looks very different and has a brass plate thingy on top.A bit damaged and has some graffiti on it, there is either an easy way up to it or Surrey has a more deteminded class of vandals than I am used to! The plinth around it is damaged and there is an amount of the graffiti already meantioned. I am not sure if this counts but have given it a slightly damaged.


Good condition 25th Jun 2006  10:00  by Trigglets

Gridref: SU 87869 45951   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 4/10

Quick visit as we were in the area. Pillar is shorter than normal.


Good condition 16th Jun 2006  15:30  by seanmac

Gridref: SU 87869 45951   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 9/10

Has a beautiful brass plate on top identifying the surrounding views. We could see for miles on this clear sunny day, breathtaking!

Beautiful Scenery, lovely day. This was the finale to a 10 mile hike

Converted 11th May 2006  07:18  by Griefmiester

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Converted  Score: 8/10

Located about 250 meters from car park, up quite steep steps - pillar highly modified - great views all around

Good condition 13th Apr 2006  19:15  by dpeberdy

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Beautiful evening. Views only to the South side as trees to the North. The base is starting to crumble. Toposcope on top! 162m Me and Mum.

Mum visited with me this time

Good condition 21st Jan 2006  10:08  by Dreadycraig

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Worth the walk up the steep hill for the stunning views.


Good condition 15th Jan 2006  16:59  by dpeberdy

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Highest point near to me at the moment, so a bit of a pilgrimage! A really beautiful evening. Base is starting to crumble. Me.

Good condition 29th Apr 2005  15:40  by Managra

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Substantial concrete plinth and has evidently been restored by the OS as part of their bi-centennial celebrations. It has a view finder on the top, and a plaque to a planning officer. Lovely views. Painted tarmac plug.

Trigpoint ©Managra
Flush bracket ©Managra
Plaque ©Managra

Good condition 19th Mar 2005  11:03  by Waddling Ward

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 9/10

Spent a bit time matching up the places on the top plate with the view. It was a lovely clear day and you see for miles. A worth while walk to the top.

My first view of TP ©Waddling Ward
FB Number
Top Plate on TP

Good condition 15th Mar 2005  13:17  by Alan Grove

Gridref: SU 87869 45955   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

A steep climb from the car park, but there are steps most of the way, and they are in good condition. As others have commented, this is a strange looking one. It was restored in 1991, so it would be interesting to know what state it was in before.

TP2614 TP2614 - Crooksbury Hill©Alan Grove
TP2614 FB TP2614's Flush Bracket©Alan Grove

Good condition 23rd Nov 2004  11:32  by The White Family

Gridref: SU 87868 45954   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Strangest trig pillar we've seen. As others have said, it has a viewfinder on top. The views to the south and west are great: other directions are now obscured by trees. The plaque on the south side reads "This pillar was restored in 1991 as part of the Ordnance Survey bi-centenary celebrations". The plaque on the north side reads "In recognition of his distinguished service to the countryside Theodore Vincent Scott Durrant planning officer of Surrey 1951-1968".

TP2614 pillar ©The White Family
TP2614 FB ©The White Family
TP2614 looking south ©The White Family
TP2614 looking west ©The White Family

Good condition 24th Apr 2004  16:37  by pharisee

Gridref: SU 87873 45954   FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

Did this while on a hunt for a geocache. The pillar has been 'rebuilt' with a viewpoint plate on the top but retains the original flush bracket. The view south(ish) is quite spectacular.

The trigpoint Not the original structure but it retains the original flush bracket.
The view south(ish) You can see for miles on a clear day

Good condition 16th Nov 2003  14:51  by subarite

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

I visited this pillar when searching for a Geocache.

Flush bracket ©subarite

Good condition 20th Oct 2002  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

large non-standard TP, topo, plaque to Theodore Vincent Scot Durrant, Surrey Planning Officer, OS Bicentenary 1991 - pleasant hill & view

Good condition 21st Sep 2001  15:00  by Trigpoint100

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Birthday walk for me from Elstead via Tilford, and spookily the FB number is the first and last digits of my birthday backwards! Very quiet, sunny and warm day, enjoyed a cuppa sitting on the rather unusual surround to this trig

Good condition 10th May 1997  00:00  by mickandshane

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Strangely truncated trig set on a large plinth. Painted white with a viewfinder and plaque.

Good condition 14th Jul 1983  00:00  by RogerTempleman

FB Number: S6512  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Non standard white pillar, on paved plinth, with brass plaque high on one side face bearing the incription: "In Recognition of His Distinguished Service To The Country Side Theodore Vincent Scott Durrant Planning Officer of Surrey 1951-1968" So to answer Alan Grove's question about the look of the pillar before restoration, I add a photo from 1983. Since that time the position of the plaque seems to have gone up and down fairly frequently!

Crooksbury Hill Trig pillar in 1983

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