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TP6190 - Stock Furlongs
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OSGB36 trig archive spreadsheet - IW
Stock FurlongsTA30/2TA30S002525427.71397094.15114.8452PILLAR01/06/1939101/06/1970N0

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 14750th with 43 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 4.79/10 (from 29 logged visits)
Was First logged: 10th Jan 2003
Has never been found intact
Was Last logged: 17th Oct 2019

Of the 29 logged visits,
6 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 1268m
The average error was 847m
1 was exact

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Selection of photos for this Pillar.

Stock Furlongs
By ted
Stock Furlongs
By ted
Stock Furlongs
By ted
Stock Furlongs
By ted
Flush bracket
By WanderingSal
Trig upright after 20ish years!
By WanderingSal
Pillar installed location

Yours truly
By Brisey
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Logged Visits:

Moved 17th Oct 2019  13:49  by slateloose

Gridref: TF 24100 97000   FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 5/10

Parked at Village Hall and walk up to church and across to trig point in farmyard. It stands very close to the footpath, easy access.

Moved 14th Sep 2019  13:25  by ted

FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 5/10

Trig with foundations is now alongside the footpath at entrance to the wood. Plug missing and the odd scrape mark but overall in good condition. Visible from the footpath sign at the roadside. Well done to the farmer for preserving the trig and congrats to eon for finding it.

Stock Furlongs trig
Stock Furlongs fb
Stock Furlongs top
Stock Furlongs Footpath sign points directly to the pillar (RHS of wood pile)

Moved 13th Sep 2019  16:25  by bwm

FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 8/10

As predicted by P61, it has moved. Now on PRoW/FP on far side of farm yard, just before fence/style. Well done to the farmer for taking the effort to preserve this trig and make it accessible. 1 top corner chipped, FB faces road.

Moved 29th Jun 2019  11:06  by Earby Rambler

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Moved  Score: 7/10

Visited with P61.


Moved 29th Jun 2019  11:06  by painterman61

FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 7/10

Back from the dead in vgc missing plug but is it going to be moved again!

trig ©painterman61
top ©painterman61
fb ©painterman61
stand and deliver ©painterman61

Moved 31st May 2019  08:23  by WanderingSal

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Moved  Score: 5/10

Trig has been moved and set upright just behind the metal barn. Looks fab, slight scraping damage from top to front which looks fresh.

Flush bracket
Trig upright after 20ish years!

Couldn't find it 3rd Apr 2019  13:05  by jonglew

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Couldn't find it  Score: 5/10

Doh! Shudda read the logs! Went to former locat in middle of an arable field. Nothing much to see there. Need to re-visit.

Pillar installed location TP6190©jonglew

Moved 27th Jan 2019  13:16  by peregrinus

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Moved  Score: 5/10

Lying in trees at SW corner of farm yard, top open, FB feelable not visible. Great find eon! My 6203rd extant pillar

Pillar at SW corner of farm yard

Moved 21st Jan 2019  12:42  by kevgbl

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Moved  Score: 5/10

well done to eon for finding this. Nearest trigpoint to my home.

Moved 12th Jan 2019  16:07  by WuzzerL

FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 10/10

Amazing!!! Thank you for the find and sharing so we can all go and appreciate it.


Moved 12th Jan 2019  15:55  by Pritch227

FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 10/10

great find by iain, just off the fp,in the woods,got the ok from a chap felling a few trees nearby.


Moved 10th Jan 2019  14:28  by Brisey

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Moved  Score: 8/10

Having tried and failed a couple of times to find where this pillar had been moved, eon's (Ian Snell) recent discovery made this a priority for me. I regularly walk with a group in the Wolds so including Wold Newton on the route was an obvious choice. Further clearance and tree felling has taken place but the pillar resides a little distance off the area currently being worked on. The pillar hides behind an old pile of wood south-west of the south-west corner of the open-sided barn. The GR from my Garmin track is approximately TF24159698. Ian's GR seems too close to the south side of the barn. I did not attempt to photograph the FB but it was easily felt underneath the pillar.

Recumbent pillar
Pillar base
Yours truly taken by a walking colleague.

Destroyed 25th Jul 2017  13:15  by Dusty

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10


Moved 20th May 2017  14:10  by eon

Gridref: TF 24174 97013   FB Number: S2585  Condition: Moved  Score: 10/10

(70) I knew this one was long gone, but thought it was still worth a look around the surrounding area in case it had been dumped somewhere, but nothing was found. Familiar with the area, and its commanding views, as it's the 'county' top for North East Lincolnshire. Be interesting to see if anyone can find out the fate for this pillar. REVISIT: 6.1.19 And S2585 is now found. As the crow flies it's been moved roughly a mile from it's original location to a back corner of a farm yard, and just off a PRoW. Toppled and minus it's plug, but otherwise seems to be in good nick. FB facing downwards but just enough clearance to slide my phone under and photograph/record the number. My 3rd year of trig-bagging, and I finally get a 'first find'. Super happy with this. UPDATE: 1.6.19 Been popping back to check up on this one at semi regular intervals. Last visit was about 2 weeks ago - no change then. Yesterday the site was visited by trigger Sal La Bruja, who reported that the pillar is now in a upright position. Checking for myself, the immediate area around the barn has now been cleared, and the pillar stands close by, and is readily visible/accessible from the PRoW. Now that it's upright, the top and FB are finally fully visible. Also visible is some (recent?) damage to the RHS top corner, along with a scrape mark running down the pillar to just above the FB. REVISIT: 26.8.19 And the pillar has been moved once again - now on the PRoW. Managed to have a chat with two farm workers, who stated this was in preparation for the final move which will see it placed not far from it's original location. No hard deadline to this, but likely to be sometime in September... Pillar history: Built on the 30th of May 1939, at a cost of 4 13s 4d. Last maintained by the OS in January of 1981.

Original location. ©eon
REVISIT: 6.1.19 Pillar ©eon
REVISIT: 6.1.19 Bottom. ©eon
REVISIT: 6.1.19 Top ©eon
REVISIT: 6.1.19 FB S2585 ©eon
UPDATE 1.6.19 Pillar. ©eon
UPDATE 1.6.19 FB S2585 ©eon
UPDATE 1.6.19 Top. ©eon
UPDATE 1.6.19 Damage - possibly recent? ©eon
REVISIT: 26.8.19 Moved yet again! ©eon

Destroyed 21st Aug 2016  00:00  by dogwalking

Gridref: TF 25425 97098   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 0/10

yes its gone

Destroyed 12th Jan 2016  09:58  by PeteBoggs

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 2/10


Destroyed 4th Jun 2015  14:50  by arranc

Gridref: TF 25400 97100   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10

definitely gone

Destroyed 10th May 2015  11:50  by Aye Jimmy

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 0/10

Followed tractor lines through growing crop to check this out on way back from County Top. No sign that a trig has ever been there.

Wold Newton Trig pillars are a bit thin on the ground...

Destroyed 21st Dec 2014  13:01  by peregrinus

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 2/10

revisit for photo en route from UA top

Destroyed 4th May 2014  16:28  by CJO

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 2/10

On way to county top. Field of wheat this year.

Stock Furlongs

Destroyed 9th Oct 2010  14:30  by dugswell2

FB Number: GONE  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 4/10

Gentle stroll on a mild grey afternoon from north to bag the Wold Newton CoU plus former trig site.

Destroyed 21st Apr 2009  14:51  by bez

Gridref: TF 25439 96923   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 0/10

Should have been in middle of ploughed field. Definitely missing.

Destroyed 10th Feb 2009  14:15  by asbown

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10

just a few hundred metres further on from the north east lincolnshire u/a top,it,s definitely missing, the trig that is, the county top definitely still about.

Destroyed 27th Aug 2007  14:36  by Trigpoint Bears

Gridref: TF 25428 97092   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10

(207) Middle of a ploughed field, but it hasn't reappeared. Checked hedgerows and woodland but to no avail. From O/S database Built 1939 no record of it being destroyed (to 1994??). Next time i'm here i'll try to find out exactly what it's fate was.

Destroyed 25th Jul 2006  15:30  by Father Ted

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 3/10

I approached from the north along the footpath. There are parking places near where it meets the road. I too coulldn't see any trace of this one in the field nor hedges. I continued south and then west to visit the North East Lincs county top just around the bend - a bit like me doing this hobby on such a hot day!

Destroyed 19th Jan 2006  14:33  by Brisey

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 3/10

I took the opportunity of minimal growth in the field to check for any remains at the GR, but nothing seen. The hedges around the entire perimeter and a couple of nearby old chalk pits were also checked, to no avail.

TP6190 location The wood beyond is called Stock Furlong (no 's').

Destroyed 31st May 2004  17:34  by Brisey

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 3/10

I didn't get as close as Morseman, but the crop was only standing about 9 inches high, with only gentle contours, so the trig should have been visible.

Where it should be The trig should be in front of the wood.

Destroyed 1st Feb 2004  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: TP gone  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10

No trace, either in ploughed field or surrounding hedges. Gone from getamap 25k (just a 115 spot in field), still on 50k

Destroyed 10th Jan 2003  17:13  by Morseman

FB Number: None  Condition: Destroyed  Score: 5/10

Got to within 250 feet of where it should have been, which is the middle of an open field. So it looks as if the pillar has gone.

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