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TP6892 - White House Hill
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OSGB36 trig archive spreadsheet - IW
White House HillNZ29/T30NZ29T030416126.10617828.69168.8593PILLAR01/06/1947201/06/1947N0

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 4773rd with 21 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 5.68/10 (from 22 logged visits)
Was First logged: 12th Jun 1993
Was Last logged: 28th Jul 2019

Of the 22 logged visits,
8 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 9m
The average error was 3m
1 was exact

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White House Hill
View West with Rosie
By Nick&Rosie
View East
By Nick&Rosie
White House Hill
By Aye Jimmy

By offpiste

By asbown
S3534 - White House Hill
By Clochandighter
By iainmac
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Logged Visits:

Good condition 28th Jul 2019  14:50  by A1Mushroom

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 4/10

Same route as most other people. This is a breeding area for game birds so prob best to ask permission from the farmer before walking through the woods.

Good condition 30th Dec 2018  14:30  by beckroad

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

A 45min return walk through woodland to this pillar. Pheasants are everywhere. Interesting ladders.

Good condition 5th Nov 2017  11:45  by Borderer

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Same route as previous visitors although the wet part of the field wasn't too bad today. Lots of pheasant feeders (and pheasants), limited views due to the plantation.


Good condition 30th Mar 2017  00:00  by caroleengel

Gridref: NU 16124 17825   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

White House to south being renovated for the land owners son. The farmer is now a tenant and the land owner lives to the north at White House Folly. Walked along track from White House (with permission) to gate and ATV at NU164174. Up east side fence to further gate at NU162178 with ATV track (thru' new tree planting) to trig

Good condition 21st Sep 2016  14:43  by paulxtr

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

From the layby by the woods and through the marshy field up to the trig.

White House Hill ©paulxtr

Good condition 5th Jul 2016  16:34  by Nick&Rosie

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Walked north up the lane sign posted to White House Folly and at the brow of the rise is an obvious parking / passing spot on the right, and from here leads a faint track east up through the wood. At the top of this wood is a very swampy area (wellies essential!) bear north east towards a wooden gate at an enclosure halfway up the hillside. From there we followed the plantation edge east then north and the pillar was soon obvious (albeit becoming increasingly overgrown). The track shown on larger scale maps through the spruce plantation has completely disappeared. WARNING FOR DOG WALKERS - along the Public Bridleway that runs parallel to the road (which is extremely overgrown anyway) are a series of wire traps and nooses, one of which caught Rosie round the neck - I think was more paniced than she was, but be very careful around these woods if you have a dog with you.

View North
View West with Rosie
View South
View East

Good condition 14th Jun 2016  16:32  by Aye Jimmy

Gridref: NU 16126 17828   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

White House Hill The TP, not quite sitting on the highest point.
White House Hill The FB, of the BSM variety.
White House Hill OS cap but no lettering.

Good condition 9th May 2016  14:15  by offpiste

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Drove part way to white house folly and parked opposite gate to west and the though trees to edge of newer plantation. Walked up side of these trees to trig. Reasonable views to east. Saw a Peacock as I was leaving.

Good condition 14th Sep 2014  12:10  by asbown

Gridref: NU 16121 17826   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Good condition 24th Aug 2013  16:10  by Father Ted

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parked near the Y-junction near White House and then up the bridleway (not signposted). Buzzards in the woods. Then followed the edge of the plantation to the top. The top has now been planted with trees so in a few years may present quite a challenge getting to the trig. At present it is OK but uneven.

Good condition 27th Oct 2012  12:51  by coinea

Gridref: NU 16124 17827   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Good condition 27th Oct 2012  12:50  by Clochandighter

Gridref: NU 16126 17826   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Revisit. For photographs and GPS reading. Approached from WSW. Parked on east verge by unclassified road at NU158176. Up through lower woods then onto pasture around higher woods, mostly on quad tracks. Pillar in good condition. Spider retains blank OS metal centre cap which was never engraved. Flush bracket faces ESE ~117. Vented through SE sight hole. 247.5 open outlook clockwise from NNW to southwest, westerly aspect blocked by adjacent woods.

S3534 - White House Hill & GRP
S3534 - White House Hill pillar & FB

Good condition 28th Apr 2012  15:30  by CJO

Gridref: NU 16126 17829   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Walked up fence line at edge of plantation. Another trig with no lettering on centre plug. A very rural location with good views. trig not quite on highest point.

no lettering on centre plug

Good condition 11th Mar 2012  17:05  by sheepsocks

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parked on road to white house folly at end of plantation, then walked back along bridle path then up through the plantation near its southern end to keep out of sight. Trig a short dash across farmland from top of the plantation.

Good condition 7th Jun 2009  12:00  by iainmac

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10


Good condition 22nd Apr 2009  17:00  by Lathama

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

A good position, not quite on the top of the hill but with restricted views either because of forest plantation or the top of the hill. The plug is original ald looks as if it might once have had raised letters. Remains of white paint. SW sighthole open, others closed. Flush bracket has 'Raised S'. Base visible to on side but mainly covered by grass. Fylingdales dome visible.

Good condition 25th Feb 2009  16:10  by senrabyar

Gridref: NU 16127 17820   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 9th Aug 2006  18:30  by The Flyer

Gridref: NU 16124 17830   FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

Nice uphill walk rewarded with a good view of the surrounding countryside.

The Flush Bracket
The view as you approach
The spider

Good condition 21st Dec 2004  16:50  by sky high boys

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Head torches required for the walk but easy found on the East side of the plantation. Its beena while but been training for a serious winter season. Its gonna be sweeeeet !

Good condition 14th Sep 2002  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

no details noted - fair summit, craggy W side, pleasant view, summit c.1m>TP hence c.170

Good condition 26th May 1998  16:00  by Clochandighter

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

First visit. To record FB number. HISTORY: Pillar completed 2nd November 1945 costing 5.16s.8d. Computed as tertiary station NZ29/T30 in 1947. Levelled for height also in 1947. Last maintained by the OS, 9th November 2000.

S3534FB BsM Flush bracket

Good condition 12th Jun 1993  14:49  by andyc

FB Number: S3534  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Good views to East and North. Woodland to the West

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