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TP7093 - Yardley Hastings
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OSGB36 trig archive spreadsheet - IW
Yardley HastingsSP74/T72SP74T072483377.57255746.900.0003PILLAR01/06/196300

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 16901st with 6 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 4.35/10 (from 20 logged visits)
Was First logged: 3rd Nov 2002
Was Last logged: 20th Oct 2018

Of the 20 logged visits,
7 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 91m
The average error was 30m
The closest was 4m

Yardley Hastings Water Tank Yardley Hastings Water Tank Denton Denton Denton South Denton South Lathama Lathama slateloose slateloose Glaslyn Glaslyn caroleengel caroleengel CJO CJO dogwalking dogwalking trig-man trig-man Yardley Hastings Yardley Hastings [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Yardley Hastings
By Sharp

By asbown
By peregrinus

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Logged Visits:

Good condition 20th Oct 2018  16:20  by Nekyram

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parked on grass verge,over two gates into field. Followed field edge to next gate. Trig found other side of hedge. Back surrounded by six horses , survived!

Good condition 17th May 2018  00:00  by Sharp

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Yardley Hastings

Good condition 5th Mar 2017  00:00  by dogwalking

Gridref: SP 83378 55753   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

parked road side near gate over two gates across field over gate pillar on left in hedge horses in field ok

Good condition 17th Feb 2017  14:03  by slateloose

Gridref: SP 83300 55700   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Parked on Denton road near gate and over two gates passing two small farm buildings. Then walked diagonally across field toward a gate in hedge line and trig. Followed by two horses.

Good condition 12th Mar 2014  12:40  by trig-man

Gridref: SP 83381 55754   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 8th Aug 2013  08:04  by THE CYCLIST

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Finally reached at fourth attempt: the two adjacent fields have always been occupied by groups of very lively horses which I haven't cared to mingle with. Only three present today and while they trotted over and followed me, lost interest totally on my way back. Easy to find in hedge. Flat surroundings so little of note to see.

Good condition 6th Jul 2013  13:04  by CJO

Gridref: SP 83381 55750   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Approached via dog training area as security guard would not let us approach via camp next door. Crossed over two gates and into a field with four curious but friendly horses that followed us all the way to the trig. Well buried in hedge. Horses then followed us all the way back to the gate.


Good condition 18th Oct 2012  11:59  by asbown

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

nipped over the gate and across the field,2 more gates to get to trig but no problems.

Good condition 21st Sep 2012  00:00  by caroleengel

Gridref: SP 83378 55751   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 25th Feb 2012  17:50  by peregrinus

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

vgc, metal cap, wide raised letters, top a bit tricky to get at, in hedge. Trig in N face of hedge just W of gate. Easy to see in winter. Revisited in passing.

Trig by gate
Naked trig in winter

Good condition 29th Aug 2009  17:00  by Father Ted

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Hopped over the aforementioned gate with a doggy sign on it and circumnavigated the horsey field. They too were interested in bagging the trig judging by the way they followed me around.

Good condition 19th May 2009  18:56  by Griefmiester

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

I Parked on grass verge next to dog training area and walked diagonally across field to gate - Pillar located just on the other side lost in the hedge - good condition.

30th Jun 2008  19:25  by mitsiman

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Invalid condition!  Score: 4/10

Went in over gate stating Police Dog Training Area, glad I wasnt the hunted tonight, nothing there luckily. The trig yet again tonight is VERY well hidden. Its to the right of the gateway to the next field.

Good condition 30th Sep 2006  10:10  by Glaslyn

Gridref: SP 83370 55740   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Access from field next to camp.Being used for Army Cadet training today .The next gate down declares its a Police Dog Traing Area ...almost put me off! Horses the other end of field .

Makes you think twice!©Glaslyn

Good condition 15th Jan 2005  12:50  by mickandshane

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

No horses in the adjoining field at the time of our visit so we took a chance. I had to hop over the gate to read the FB but the horses in the field (excellent specimens) didn't seem very interested. I think the army camp type place just up the road (now partially deserted) must have been some kind of munitions depot at one time. Plug with raised lettering.

Good condition 2nd Jan 2005  12:00  by DanTrig

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 3/10

Trigbagging sometime early 2005 or late 2004.

Good condition 17th Aug 2004  14:55  by Lathama

Gridref: SP 83300 55700   FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 3/10

Accessed through empty barn area - horses in field next door. Deeply embedded in hedge but flush bracket faced outwards. Original plug. No white paint visible. All sight holes closed as far as I could see. The concrete base has been exposed on the flush-bracket side. The highest 'S' number I have logged so far!

Good condition 9th Mar 2004  15:59  by MCL

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Good  Score: 2/10

This pillar is definitely intact, buried in a hedge. The pillar is on land owned by The Elms Stud Farm, just up the road. Permission was sought for access. The field often contains horses so don't bother trying to access without permission or you might be sorry! Cap is fully intact and pillar is in generally good, if neglected, condition.

The plate
The pillar itself

Good condition 10th Jan 2004  17:30  by scafell3210

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 0/10

I am losing the plot. I have just risked life and limb parking on an unlit road followed by tramping around a field in darkness looking at a map from the light of my camera. I have no GPS and couldn't find it - I think the hedgerow it was in has gone also but I really couldn't see a thing ! I will be back - in daylight next time............................... 9/3/04 Sorry, this should have been about Roundhay Farm - I can only say proximity to Yardley Hastings, age and tramping round that field got the better of me, but I was right it (Roundhay Farm)has gone - thanks MCL.

Not Logged 3rd Nov 2002  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: S9368  Condition: Not Logged  Score: 5/10

in hedge, FB N side, +/- no view

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