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TP7298 - Stirling 2
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Has a mean score of 5.08/10 (from 13 logged visits)
Was First logged: 12th Sep 1999
Was Last logged: 11th Jun 2018

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Selection of photos for this Active station.


By Griefmiester

©Boys from the Dyes
Ant#2 is on the left
By iainmac

Logged Visits:

Good condition 11th Jun 2018  14:37  by jonglew

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

3 x NovAtel domes on a building just S of the hill's high point. Difficult to determine which is Stirling 2, and why is there no Stirling 3? But does it really matter? See Stirling 1 for photos.

Good condition 25th Jun 2017  11:02  by dal

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

3 Leica domes.

Good condition 9th Apr 2016  08:26  by peregrinus

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

now 3 Leica domes in place of the older conical antennae. 3rd one at end of building presumably a standby or backup unit. Also a p30m summit. Track from locked gate to east

Good condition 24th Feb 2012  14:30  by fasgadh

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 1/10

A quick wander up after an interview (successful) in Stirling. Very clear day.


Good condition 16th Oct 2011  15:22  by andyc

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

Certainly the best views and location of any Active Station I've been to yet. Lovely spot with excellent long distance views on a blustery evening.

Good condition 8th Sep 2010  17:19  by descarte1

Gridref: NS 71846 88417   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Conical antenna on a concrete building. Woo! Parked at bottom of track heading up the hill. Easy walk. Really nice views from the top through the blue-tinted haze. Sauchie Crag's white pillar visible with the naked eye from here.

Good condition 13th Aug 2009  17:45  by SlainteJimmy

Gridref: NS 71851 88423   FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Pleasant enough saunter up the beaten road - warned to stay on the road by red-faced grouse-beater at the bottom. Looks like 4 antennae to me.. spanking 360 view.. our building has the absolute peak with the other masts lower down. The lighthouse message on the door is washed out and illegible now.

Good condition 7th Oct 2008  18:33  by Griefmiester

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Nice evening walk up - very quiet location - loads of masts - great views

Good condition 1st Apr 2006  13:10  by Boys from the Dyes

FB Number: NONE  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Visited this last year hill last year did not realise it was part of the GPS System, had to go back just to get pictures. Parked at bottom of access road 10 mins to top.

Active Station building. ©Boys from the Dyes

Good condition 5th Jan 2006  12:00  by iainmac

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Ant#2 is on the left

Ant#2 is on the left

Good condition 12th Jul 2004  20:31  by fasgadh

FB Number: NONE  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Looks like its next door to Ant #2. probnably another pair of the 4 cones

Good condition 3rd Jun 2004  14:10  by sky high boys

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

On a hill to the west of and over-looking Stirling. Walked up the farm track to the transmitters at the top and found a notice on a door of one of the buildings confirming it was the Active Station. There was an antenna array outside which I presume to be it. Different from Edinburgh Active Station though. Photos to follow.

Good condition 12th Sep 1999  00:00  by agentmancuso

FB Number: N/A  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Didn't know this was a station when I was up here, but remember wondering what all the equipment was for while I ate lunch a few yards away. Not sure that 'good' is the right word for the condition of the site - 'ugly' might be better. With Fiona.

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