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TP7446 - Great Glen Project Station G
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Good Good condition
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Highland Region
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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 648th with 11 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 7.13/10 (from 15 logged visits)
Was First logged: 23rd Aug 2007
Was Last logged: 22nd Nov 2018

Of the 15 logged visits,
7 recorded a location and of these....

All were within 14m
The average error was 3m
1 was exact

Great Glen Project Station E Great Glen Project Station E Great Glen Project Station H Great Glen Project Station H Great Glen Project Station F Great Glen Project Station F Great Glen Project Station P Great Glen Project Station P Fort Augustus Fort Augustus Great Glen Project Station Q Great Glen Project Station Q Great Glen Project Station I Great Glen Project Station I Great Glen Project Station K / Tomamhoid Great Glen Project Station K / Tomamhoid Clochandighter Clochandighter David Miller David Miller nozzer nozzer edfielden edfielden BigJ BigJ asbown asbown vgiorgio vgiorgio Great Glen Project Station G Great Glen Project Station G [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Logged Visits:

Good condition 22nd Nov 2018  14:18  by vgiorgio

Gridref: NH 36563 10072   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Good condition 10th Aug 2018  15:39  by nozzer

Gridref: NH 36560 10070   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

The last of the 5 trigs easy to find, good views of the great glen and we just make out Ben Nevis with its head in the clouds, Visited with Big

Looking south over Fort Augustus ©nozzer

Good condition 10th Aug 2018  15:36  by BigJ

Gridref: NH 36562 10072   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Fifth and final of five today doing a clockwise round of H, E, F, P, G. Lovely views down to Fort Augustus. Direct descent through jungle like bracken to the zig zags on the military road. With Nozzer.

Bolt and pin. ©BigJ

Good condition 27th May 2018  13:20  by thejackrustles

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Circuit of trigs (G, P, F, E, H) starting at a roadside parking spot at N57 08.865' W4 41.560', taking the track up to the signpost for the old military road N57 08.842' W4 41.850', then up the zig zag path to N57 09.006' W4 42.197' which is marked by a tall fencepost, we then headed straight up hill to the trigpoint. It felt very steep in the heat but it did have a sort of track and some shade. So glad to reach the trigpoint and then realised we'd passed the geocache on the way up!

Great Glen Project Station G selfie ©thejackrustles
Great Glen Project Station G Robbie Selfie ©thejackrustles
Great Glen Project Station G Spider 'Marks' ©thejackrustles
Great Glen Project Station G collage

Good condition 15th Jun 2016  17:43  by dal

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Bolt visible. Col to N heading to the forestry track is wet. Good view down to Fort Augustus.

Good condition 10th Jun 2016  13:30  by asbown

Gridref: NH 36561 10074   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Nice easy find after spending a hour looking without success for station H

Good condition 24th Dec 2015  14:40  by Chalky

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Vanessa with asphalt plug.

Good condition 11th Dec 2015  14:30  by gerryu2

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 9/10

I left Project H and heady for E. The snow was getting deeper and deeper the higher I got and then the black snow clouds I could see across on the other hills, caught up with me. I followed the military road past the cross roads and then reached a bridge with warning and stop signs as part of the wood had collapsed and was impassible. It was at this point I decided I wasn't equipped for a winter hill expedition and decided to retreat as snow was now nearly at my knees and I was talking an age to cover any distance. Got to the crossroads and went left this time to try and bag Project G. Walked along to the quarry and I could see Project P pillar on the skyline. I then headed across the snow and bog to Pillar G. Lovely views all around and I could spot some other trigs in amongst the clouds. This is the first time I have managed to see inside and spot the bolt. Trig covered in snow on one side which I had to remove to see the flush bracket. I then went downhill and ended up at the old fence posts and followed these until I arrived at the large old fence post at the military road and then a quick walk back to the car. A great but tough day.

Trig 2
Trig 3
Can you see P
Can you see P now?

Good condition 3rd Oct 2015  11:31  by David Miller

Gridref: NH 36558 10072   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 10/10

Vanessa trig pillar out in open near summit of a small knoll. Followed old military road to top of zig-zags, then follow old fence (not on current Explorer map, but several fenceposts remain) up to near the pillar. Good condition with plugged spider, but open sighting holes.

view to Fort Augustus

Good condition 7th Sep 2014  19:19  by sky high boys

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Staying in Fort Augustus tonight, couple of hrs to myself. Plenty enough time but starting to notice the nights shorten......given the array of colours on view its a small price to pay. Best month of the year :)

Good condition 29th Sep 2013  17:27  by edfielden

Gridref: NH 36562 10071   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Having successfully located GGP Stn H in the dense woodland nearby, I deviated from the return route to head for Stn G. I branched off the 'Old Military Road' path at NH 3614 0981 across deforested in a generally NE direction. The going was tough over dead wood, hidden sunken bits and then - after about 300m - tussocky thick grass as far as the pillar. Great view over Fort Augustus and the southern end of Loch Ness. Grid ref is average of 6 GPS readings over 40 minutes. Pillar details and photos to follow...

Good condition 18th Apr 2009  18:45  by Chalky

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

VGC, Cylindrical , Asphalt plug

Good condition 10th Dec 2008  12:50  by spidym

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

good climb up although tiring as fairly steep. Pillar in good condition. Can easily see Project P and Project F thanks to all the snow.

Looking over Fort Augustus

Good condition 28th Sep 2007  12:00  by peregrinus

FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

vgc, cylindrical pillar, asphalt plug, spider with a + and 2 triangular marks, in common with the other GG Project pillars. Rock/heather knoll. Fine view. Descent SE to track is rough and gorsy; track itself is good.

Good condition 23rd Aug 2007  11:38  by Clochandighter

Gridref: NH 36560 10057   FB Number: 11868  Condition: Good  Score: 10/10

GPSr NH 36560 10057 6m. Cylindrical Vanessa style pillar in good condition. Spider centre plugged with coarse granular substance. All horizontal sight holes open, pillar bolt viewable. Flush bracket faces SW ~225. Follow the mapped tracks to NH363103 then head south across the very tossocky ground. The pillars at stations P and F are visible from G. Views to head of Loch Ness, along the Caledonian Canal, and to the hills on the opposite side of the Glen. Photographed 23/08/2007, GRP.

11868 - Great Glen Project Station G pillar & FB
11868 - (G) overlooking Loch Ness
11868 - (G) overlooking Caledonian Canal & River Oich.
11868 - Great Glen Project Station G the pillar bolt
11868 - (G) overlooking Fort Augustus

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