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TP7470 - Cellar Head
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Good Good condition
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Western Isles

OSGB36 trig archive spreadsheet - IW
Cellar HeadNC20/17NC20S017154777.12955560.19123.4442CURRY ST'L01/06/1955201/06/1955S0HT TO BOLT IN CURRY STOOL

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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 2115th with 21 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 6.67/10 (from 3 logged visits)
Was First logged: 6th Apr 2009
Was Last logged: 21st May 2022

Of the 3 logged visits,
1 recorded a location

The error was 13m

peregrinus peregrinus Cellar Head Cellar Head [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Selection of photos for this Curry Stool.

Looking South
By sky high boys
Centre block
By peregrinus
GPSr on centre Block
By peregrinus
Trig + summit
By peregrinus
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Logged Visits:

Good condition 21st May 2022  12:48  by DeniseMc

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Under moss and heather in centre of obvious raised circular embankment in wild moor. Easy to find central square block with rivet but harder to reveal three flat concrete arms.white plastic sheet on top, mainly destroyed. Arms go SSE, W and NE. Left uncovered. With Richard, Jon and Dave.

Good condition 5th Sep 2012  13:04  by sky high boys

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 8/10

A what now? Just like the man says. All in good order but slowly being reclaimed by nature, still easy to spot. Short but rough detour off the Heritage Trail. Cycled in from the North. Saw two Golden Eagles and a giant mutant Hoodie which didn't look much smaller! A wee man with his dug and quadbike collecting peat just a few hundred metres away :)

Looking South

Good condition 6th Apr 2009  12:00  by peregrinus

Gridref: NB 54782 55547   FB Number: N/A  Condition: Good  Score: 7/10

Curry Stool. On a peaty knoll surrounded by a square bund of peat. Digging in the centre I found a block with its small centre rivet immediately. The rest of it is covered by white polythene and buried. My trowel wasnt man enough to uncover much of it but I assume it has the usual 3 concrete legs as with the ones in NY square although slightly different design with square centre block, and legs buried. I left the block exposed. GPSr estimated accuracy to 2.1m. Desolate moorland with Muirneag the only feature of particular note; distant view of mainland hills.

Trig + summit
Centre block
Block + partially exposed leg
GPSr on centre Block

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