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TP7574 - Aberporth
[UK map]
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Good Good condition
Active Station :
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This trigpoint:
Is ranked joint 15147th with 84 other trigs (more).
Has a mean score of 4.50/10 (from 6 logged visits)
Was First logged: 13th Feb 2010
Was Last logged: 10th Oct 2017

Of the 6 logged visits,
1 recorded a location

The error was 89m

Craig-Y-Filain Observation Post Craig-Y-Filain Observation Post Bergfuehrer Bergfuehrer Aberporth Aberporth [Zoom In/Out] [Hide Labels]

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Selection of photos for this Active station.

View of DTEO Aberporth from juntion of lane leading to Penarnewydd Farm
By Dusty
View from Felinwynt
By Dusty

Logged Visits:

Good condition 10th Oct 2017  17:25  by Ramblingpaul

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 6/10

Viewed from a field entrance at SN241521. Hard to pick out given distance.

Good condition 19th Oct 2015  11:00  by arranc

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 3/10

visible with bins.

Good condition 12th Sep 2015  16:45  by peregrinus

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Good  Score: 5/10

Distant binocular view from same spot as Bergfuehrer. In tripod in met compound L of main buildings

Unreachable but visible 7th Oct 2010  19:45  by Triggers

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Unreachable but visible  Score: 5/10

got as close as othrs

Couldn't find it 27th May 2010  12:05  by Dusty

FB Number: Not logged  Condition: Couldn't find it  Score: 3/10

Found a couple of locations to take photos from long distance!! I could not make out the Active Station

View of DTEO Aberporth from juntion of lane leading to Penarnewydd Farm
View from Felinwynt

Unreachable but visible 13th Feb 2010  10:10  by Bergfuehrer

Gridref: SN 24058 52177   FB Number: ABEP  Condition: Unreachable but visible  Score: 5/10

Cardiganshire. An active station on the current OS database, situated in the meteorological station, itself within the complex of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). We could not get a good view of this one as we could not get very close. With powerful binoculars we could, however, pick out the leica dome on a pole in the met enclosure. We viewed it from about a mile away on the lane leading to Ffrwdwenith.

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