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TrigpointingUK - Interactive Map

A map of highest scored trigpoints

  • This map is still in beta testing, please leave any feedback in the forum.
  • This page may take some time to load - please be patient. You may need to say 'no' to aborting the script a few times!
  • Unfortunately this map is limited to the nearest 1000 trigpoints to the search location
  • Use the pan control, the cursor keys, or drag the mouse to move the map around.
  • Zoom in and out using the zoom control, or the z,x keys.
  • Hover the mouse over a trigpoint to display its name.
  • Click on a trigpoint to go to the trigpoint details page.
  • Press buttons 1-9 to generate a query of the nearest 10x trigpoints to mouse pointer.
  • Centre the map on the mouse pointer by pressing the c key.
  • Towns and counties may be toggled on/off.
  • © Ian Harris 2003. Map reproduced from Ordnance Survey data by permission of the Ordnance Survey.

The TrigpointingUK database is owned and maintained by Ian Harris (Teasel). The TrigTools pages are provided by Barry Hunter. Contact us.