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A list of trigpoints, in Tyne & Wear

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
AEI Tower Lightning Conductor TP10949CHESTER-LE-STREETTyne & Wear NZ272545Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Algernon Colly Headgear TP16550WHITLEY BAYTyne & Wear NZ317702MapnoneSecondaryBoltDestroyed
Backworth Colly Headgear TP16675WHITLEY BAYTyne & Wear NZ303719Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Battlefield Church Spire St Anns TP10989NEWCASTLE U.TYNETyne & Wear NZ260642Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Bensham Church Spire St Cuthberts TP11051GATESHEADTyne & Wear NZ247623Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Black House TP11931WASHINGTONTyne & Wear NZ279557Mapnone4th orderSurface BlockDestroyed
Blaydon Church Tower St Cuthberts Flagstaff TP10671BLAYDONTyne & Wear NZ184633Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Block 6 Tower Ministry of National Insurance TP11066GOSFORTHTyne & Wear NZ265678Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Boldon Colliery Headgear TP16697JARROWTyne & Wear NZ346622Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Boldon Level Crossing TP10965SOUTH SHIELDSTyne & Wear NZ362621Mapnone4th orderSurface BlockDestroyed
Brenkley Hill TP1614CRAMLINGTONTyne & Wear NZ217757MapnoneSecondaryPillarPossibly missing
Broomfield Farm TP1684ROWLANDS GILLTyne & Wear NZ119593MapnoneSecondaryPillarMoved
Brunton Bridge Farm TP1722GOSFORTHTyne & Wear NZ214696Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Burradon Colliery Headgear TP16671CRAMLINGTONTyne & Wear NZ273725Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Byer Engine Chimney TP16729HOUGHTON-LE-SPRINGTyne & Wear NZ356496Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Byermoor Church Belfry TP9110ROWLANDS GILLTyne & Wear NZ186574MapNone4th orderIntersected StationGood condition
Byker Church Spire TP10987NEWCASTLE U.TYNETyne & Wear NZ272644Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Callerton Lane End TP7871RYTONTyne & Wear NZ157690MapPassive stationnoneSurface BlockMoved
Canteen Blakelaw TP16573GOSFORTHTyne & Wear NZ215674Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Castletown TP16602SUNDERLANDTyne & Wear NZ353583Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed

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