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A list of trigpoints, in Co Antrim

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Aughrim Hill TP7649 Co Antrim NW105507MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Ballycowan TP7651STRANRAERCo Antrim NW457216MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Ballylumford TP7594STRANRAERCo Antrim NW576563MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Battery Hill TP7650 Co Antrim NW181518MapNoneUnknownPillarGood condition
Berk Hill TP7638CAMPBELTOWNCo Antrim NW261650MapNone3rd orderPillarDestroyed
Black Mountain North TP7401STRANRAERCo Antrim NW418307MapNone3rd orderPillarDamaged
Black Mountain South TP7400STRANRAERCo Antrim NW407289MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Browndod TP7635STRANRAERCo Antrim NW346487MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Carearney TP7589STRANRAERCo Antrim NW317494MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Carn Hill TP7399STRANRAERCo Antrim NW483444MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Carnaghliss TP7590STRANRAERCo Antrim NW413342MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Carnanmore TP25743CAMPBELTOWNCo Antrim NW397950MapnoneSecondaryPillarNot Logged
Carninard TP7395STRANRAERCo Antrim NW459539MapNoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Casaeldona TP7596STRANRAERCo Antrim NW495264MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Collin Mountain TP7640STRANRAERCo Antrim NW382267MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Craigantlet TP7598STRANRAERCo Antrim NW525307MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Crew Hill TP7641 Co Antrim NW303271MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Divis TP7403STRANRAERCo Antrim NW406314MapNonePrimaryPillarMoved
Fairview TP7599CAMPBELTOWNCo Antrim NW290575MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Killead TP7592STRANRAERCo Antrim NW302366MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition

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