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A list of trigpoints, which are Curry Stools

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Bink Moss TP7467BARNARD CASTLEDurham NY876242MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolGood condition
Camb Hill TP7415 Shetland HU500928MapNoneSecondaryCurry StoolGood condition
Cellar Head TP7470 Western Isles NB547555MapNoneSecondaryCurry StoolGood condition
Herdship Fell TP7472APPLEBY-IN-WESTMR.Durham NY800325MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolSlightly damaged
Iron Band TP7466APPLEBY-IN-WESTMR.Cumbria NY834186MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolGood condition
Killin TP7471KINGUSSIEHighland Region NH512093MapNoneSecondaryCurry StoolGood condition
Ness of Copister TP7416 Shetland HU493787MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolGood condition
Rubh Aird na Sgitheich TP7468LOCHGILPHEADStrathclyde Region NR477790MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolGood condition
Scotasay Island TP7469 Western Isles NG185974MapNone3rd orderCurry StoolGood condition

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