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A list of trigpoints, in Dumfries & Galloway

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Aird TP12343STRANRAERDumfries & Galloway NX095597Mapnone3rd orderSurface BlockUnknown
Airlies TP0801WIGTOWNDumfries & Galloway NX367517Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Allinsons Bank TP0821CARLISLEDumfries & Galloway NY325674MapnoneSecondaryPillarDestroyed
Almagill Hill TP0826LOCHMABENDumfries & Galloway NY089757MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Almonside TP0827LANGHOLMDumfries & Galloway NY371741Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Annan Parish Church Spire TP10927ANNANDumfries & Galloway NY195665Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Annan Town Hall Spire TP10928ANNANDumfries & Galloway NY191665Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Annan Waterfoot Lighthouse TP9845ANNANDumfries & Galloway NY190642MapNone3rd orderIntersected StationRemains
Anwoth TP0859GATEHOUSE OF FLEETDumfries & Galloway NX586559Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Auchengibbert TP0924SANQUHARDumfries & Galloway NX806944Mapnone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Auchensow TP0927SANQUHARDumfries & Galloway NS837089Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Auchneel TP12348STRANRAERDumfries & Galloway NX034616Mapnone3rd orderSurface BlockGood condition
Balker Moor TP0985STRANRAERDumfries & Galloway NX112633MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Balunton Hill TP1001NEWTON STEWARTDumfries & Galloway NX347810MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Bardennoch Hill TP1020CUMNOCKDumfries & Galloway NX566914Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Barend Hill TP1026NEW GALLOWAYDumfries & Galloway NX689718Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Barhullion Fell TP1030WHITHORNDumfries & Galloway NX374419Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Barlocco TP1033KIRKCUDBRIGHTDumfries & Galloway NX593494Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Barlouth TP1034LOCHMABENDumfries & Galloway NY056791MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Barmark TP1035NEW GALLOWAYDumfries & Galloway NX741791Mapnone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged

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