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A list of trigpoints, in Surrey

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Abinger Forest TP8223DORKINGSurrey TQ158455MapNone4th orderSurface BlockUnknown
Addlestone Church Tower TP23786CHERTSEYSurrey TQ043643Mapnone4th orderRivetGood condition
Admirals Road TP23990LEATHERHEADSurrey TQ146540Mapnone4th orderBlockUnknown
All Saints Church Spire Chertsey TP23661CHERTSEYSurrey TQ041663Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
All Saints Church Tower Laleham Flagstaff TP14725LALEHAMSurrey TQ051688Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Allen House School TP23683WOKINGSurrey SU992571Mapnone4th orderBoltDestroyed
Angers Hill TP21543GUILDFORDSurrey SU953519Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed
Arbrook Farm TP24530ESHERSurrey TQ146622Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Ash Church Spire TP21366FARNBOROUGHSurrey SU897507Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Ash Vale Bridge TP21459FARNBOROUGHSurrey SU892515Mapnone4th orderBlockInaccessible
Ash Vale Station TP21460FARNBOROUGHSurrey SU892533Mapnone4th orderBoltDestroyed
Ashcombe Road Allotment TP24617REDHILLSurrey TQ292536Mapnone4th orderBlockUnknown
Astoria Cinema Ashford TP24456ASHFORDSurrey TQ071715Mapnone4th orderRivetDestroyed
August Hill TP0935WEST BYFLEETSurrey TQ058541Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Badshot TP21462FARNHAMSurrey SU860482Mapnone3rd orderBuried BlockDestroyed
Banstead Church Spire TP24008CHEAMSurrey TQ254596Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationUnknown
Banstead Downs TP24436CHEAMSurrey TQ248605Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Banstead Mental Hospital Tower Chimney TP24017CHEAMSurrey TQ261611Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Bassett House TP24658CHEAMSurrey TQ252596Mapnone3rd orderDiscUnknown
Beavers TP21464FARNHAMSurrey SU829469Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed

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