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A list of trigpoints, in Co Down

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Ballyboghilbo TP25729STRANRAERCo Down NW712214Mapnone3rd orderPillarDestroyed
Ballycultra TP7407STRANRAERCo Down NW548340MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Black Mountain TP7353 Co Down SB174734MapNoneUnknownPillarToppled
Braniel Hill TP7597STRANRAERCo Down NW512264MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Cairngaver (OSNI) TP7406STRANRAERCo Down NW580310MapNoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Cannon Hill TP7633 Co Down NW014085MapNoneSecondaryPillarSlightly damaged
Carmeen TP7358 Co Down SB264830MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Carnmoney Hill TP7397STRANRAERCo Down NW464385MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Carrigatuke TP25726 Co Down SA993913MapnonePrimaryPillarGood condition
Carys Fort TP7654STRANRAERCo Down NW539092MapNone3rd orderPillarToppled
Clogher TP7664 Co Down NW364123MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Cronstown TP7603STRANRAERCo Down NW639297MapNone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Drumhirk TP25732STRANRAERCo Down NW577201Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Dunglow (OSI) TP7360 Co Down NW250000MapNoneUnknownOtherGood condition
Hillhead TP7663 Co Down SB418745MapNone3rd orderPillarUnknown
Killinakin TP25733STRANRAERCo Down NW627153Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Kings Ring TP25736 Co Down SB062931Mapnone3rd orderPillarGood condition
Knockiveagh TP7351 Co Down SB276947MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged
Lighthouse Island TP25728STRANRAERCo Down NW730390MapnoneSecondaryBoltGood condition
Magheraknock Fort TP7653STRANRAERCo Down NW452114MapNone3rd orderPillarSlightly damaged

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