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A list of trigpoints, in North Yorkshire

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Abbey Mast TP12678WHITBYNorth Yorkshire NZ904113Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationRemains
Acklam Wold TP0164MALTONNorth Yorkshire SE794615MapPassive stationnoneSurface BlockGood condition
Acomb Church Spire TP12229YORKNorth Yorkshire SE572514Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Addlebrough TP0788RICHMOND YORKSNorth Yorkshire SD946881MapnoneSecondaryPillarRemains
Ainderby Steeple Church Tower Vane TP10327NORTHALLERTONNorth Yorkshire SE334920Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Allerston Church Tower Centre TP12695PICKERINGNorth Yorkshire SE878829Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Anchorage Hill TP16855RICHMOND YORKSNorth Yorkshire NZ183019Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed
Appleton Le Moors Church Spire TP14000PICKERINGNorth Yorkshire SE734880Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Arncliffe Wood TP0886NORTHALLERTONNorth Yorkshire SE459997MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
Ashville College Vane TP11026HARROGATENorth Yorkshire SE294531Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Askham Bryan Water Tower (1985) TP13314YORKNorth Yorkshire SE556476MapnoneSecondaryDiscInaccessible
Askham Bryan Water Tower Centre TP13313YORKNorth Yorkshire SE556476Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Askwith Moor TP0912OTLEYNorth Yorkshire SE171510MapnoneSecondaryPillarGood condition
ASWS Tower TP12683SCARBOROUGHNorth Yorkshire TA013872Mapnone3rd orderBoltDestroyed
Avery Water Tower TP13306KNOTTINGLEYNorth Yorkshire SE517335Mapnone4th orderRivetDestroyed
Aysgarth School Turret Vane TP11004RICHMOND YORKSNorth Yorkshire SE208890Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Azerley Tower Centre TP12960RIPONNorth Yorkshire SE266742Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Baghdad Lines Cupola TP9372RICHMOND YORKSNorth Yorkshire SE184964MapNone4th orderIntersected StationGood condition
Baldersby St James Church Spire TP11008RIPONNorth Yorkshire SE366769Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationGood condition
Bank Top Chimney TP17662PICKERINGNorth Yorkshire SE719948Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationDestroyed

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