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A list of trigpoints, in Isles of Scilly

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Annet TP21615LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV860089MapnoneSecondaryBoltUnknown
Beacon Hill (Tresco) TP21622LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV887157MapnoneSecondaryBoltUnknown
Bishop Rock Lighthouse TP9877LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV807064MapNoneSecondaryIntersected StationGood condition
Boys Rock (St Agnes) TP21616LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV882076MapnoneSecondaryBoltDestroyed
Crow Point (Tresco) TP7724LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV892133MapPassive stationSecondaryBoltGood condition
Gorregan TP21617LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV848055MapnoneSecondaryBoltNot Logged
Great Gannily TP21623LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV945145MapnoneSecondaryBoltGood condition
Hugh Town TP7712LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV902107MapPassive stationnoneCutGood condition
Lloyds Signal Station (St Marys) TP21614LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV898103MapnoneSecondaryBoltPossibly missing
Mincarlo TP21624LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV853129MapnoneSecondaryBoltUnknown
Mount Todden (St Marys) TP21613LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV928114MapnoneSecondaryBoltUnknown
Samson Island TP21611LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV878124MapnoneSecondaryBoltGood condition
Scilly Isles TP7783LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV917104MapActive stationnoneActive stationGood condition
Shipman Head (Bryher) TP21618LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV876154MapnoneSecondaryBoltDestroyed
St Agnes TP7723LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV883086MapPassive stationnoneBoltSlightly damaged
St Agnes Lighthouse TP9878LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV880082MapNoneSecondaryIntersected StationGood condition
St Helens TP21621LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV900169MapnoneSecondaryBoltGood condition
St Martins Head TP0745LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV941160MapPassive stationSecondaryPillarGood condition
Telegraph Hill TP21625LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV912120Mapnone3rd orderBuried BlockUnknown
Telegraph Tower (St Marys) TP21612LANDS ENDIsles of Scilly SV912120MapnoneSecondaryBoltDestroyed

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