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A list of trigpoints, in Mid Glamorgan

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My LogNameWaypointTownCountyGrid RefCurrent UseHistoric UseTypeCondition
Aber Canaid Church Belfry TP9268MERTHYR TYDFILMid Glamorgan SO058037MapNone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Aber-Fan TP19364MOUNTAIN ASHMid Glamorgan SO062000Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Aberaman Colliery Chimney TP11679MOUNTAIN ASHMid Glamorgan SO015003Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Aberaman Granary TP11577MOUNTAIN ASHMid Glamorgan SO018007Mapnone4th orderRivetDestroyed
Abercerdin TP20425PONTYPRIDDMid Glamorgan SS977899Mapnone4th orderBlockGood condition
Abercwmboi Auxiliary TP19379MOUNTAIN ASHMid Glamorgan ST032984Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed
Abercwmboi Fuel Works Chimney TP11678MOUNTAIN ASHMid Glamorgan SO028001Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Aberdare Brickworks Chimney TP11677ABERDAREMid Glamorgan SN992044Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Aberdare Church Spire TP9274ABERDAREMid Glamorgan SO002025MapNone4th orderIntersected StationGood condition
Aberdare CWS Creamery Chimney TP11574ABERDAREMid Glamorgan SN994042Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Abernant Brickworks Chimney TP11576ABERDAREMid Glamorgan SO009034Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Abertridwr TP20384CAERPHILLYMid Glamorgan ST127896Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Albion Colliery Baths Tower TP15038PONTYPRIDDMid Glamorgan ST086927Mapnone4th orderBoltDestroyed
Ashgrove TP19330BARGOEDMid Glamorgan ST146949Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Asyllum Clock Tower Vane TP15073BRIDGENDMid Glamorgan SS917825Mapnone3rd orderIntersected StationDestroyed
Athenia Works TP19150MAESTEGMid Glamorgan SS860908Mapnone4th orderBoltUnknown
Bachgen Careg TP19201MAESTEGMid Glamorgan SS908981Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockDestroyed
Bargoed Colliery Old Tip TP19234BARGOEDMid Glamorgan ST155994Mapnone4th orderBlockNot Logged
Bargoed Golf Course TP19235BARGOEDMid Glamorgan SO141001Mapnone4th orderBuried BlockUnknown
Bargoed Secondary School Spire TP19179BARGOEDMid Glamorgan ST147999Mapnone4th orderIntersected StationDestroyed

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