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Highest Rated Trigs Logged By JRoche2018

that is listed as: condition

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User PhotosUser Score
1.Good condition TP6459Thorny Gale74827.387.3519
2.Good condition TP6243Sugar Loaf1961277.347.3367
3.Good condition TP1109Beacon Hill North41387.347.3019
4.Good condition TP5414Pen-Y-Ghent3992427.137.1228
5.Good condition TP1709Brown Rigg39437.137.0957
5.Good condition TP1709Brown Rigg39437.137.0955
7.Good condition TP3654Harter Fell48367.087.0549
8.Good condition TP0695Cross Fell145937.037.0228
9.Good condition TP0004Danby Beacon1201067.037.0119
10.Good condition TP5199Nyland Hill64597.026.9919
11.Good condition TP0859Anwoth34456.916.8728
12.Good condition TP5394Penshaw Hill1231066.836.8217
13.Good condition TP6962Winder Hill120896.776.7648
14.Good condition TP5798Sand Edge Common48446.776.7548
15.Good condition TP4421Ling Fell112546.746.7319
15.Slightly damaged TP6927Whorlton Moor129886.746.7318
17.Good condition TP0690Binsey142756.736.7247
18.Good condition TP5081Nettle Hill49446.696.6738
19.Good condition TP2794Dodd End83656.676.6638
20.Good condition TP6785Wee Queensberry22186.646.5929
21.Good condition TP3461Great Knoutberry Hill126956.596.5848
22.Good condition TP5127Night Fold Field98986.526.5158
23.Slightly damaged TP1783Burnhope Seat63476.496.4858
24.Good condition TP6878White Edge178946.486.47110
24.Good condition TP1110Beacon Hill South58506.486.47110
26.Good condition TP5115Newsham Moor40406.456.4347
27.Good condition TP3508Grey Grit77876.426.4038
27.Slightly damaged TP3078Eston Beacon58656.416.4027
29.Good condition TP3944Hinderwell Beacon67626.396.3837
30.Good condition TP4051Humber Hill58636.316.3067
31.Good condition TP6859Whaw Moor72436.316.2926
32.Good condition TP1890Camp Hill47616.306.2857
33.Good condition TP5251Ouster Bank55706.276.2638
34.Slightly damaged TP4810Middleham Low Moor64596.206.1937
35.Slightly damaged TP3479Green Hill37446.196.1746
35.Damaged TP5723Romaldkirk Moor44496.186.1757
37.Good condition TP2961Easington79786.166.1646
38.Good condition TP1484Blakemans Law42436.176.1538
39.Good condition TP0886Arncliffe Wood102686.106.0918
39.Good condition TP6825Westbury Beacon37356.116.0927
39.Good condition TP5589Raven Seat26246.126.0958
42.Good condition TP5215Old Cassop59586.026.0118
43.Good condition TP1588Branshaw31386.005.9848
44.Good condition TP5788Sail Hill46535.965.9577
45.Good condition TP5837Scarness69645.945.9447
46.Slightly damaged TP3067Errington Wood53565.915.9026
47.Good condition TP3032Eggmartin Hill36445.895.8857
48.Good condition TP3793High Moorsley46395.875.8618
49.Good condition TP0802Airy Hill40345.855.8416
50.Good condition TP7049Woodland38325.715.7116
51.Good condition TP5123Newton Mulgrave Moor52435.675.6758
52.Good condition TP6813West House Field29255.525.5216
53.Good condition TP0129Potato Hill101985.495.4946
54.Good condition TP6436Thiefgate46475.465.4626
55.Good condition TP3930Hillingdon Farm30285.435.4427
56.Good condition TP2120Charlaw Moor49555.435.4356
57.Good condition TP5606Red Hall Farm55465.315.3136
58.Good condition TP3432Grange Farm51555.205.2044
59.Good condition TP1505Blue House33405.065.0725
60.Good condition TP4089Hutton Mulgrave Moor83825.045.0437

The Rank calculation used is this page is taken from Freshmeat, for an explanation see here

 weighted rank (WR) = (v  (v+m))  R + (m  (v+m))  C

  R = average for the trig (mean) = (average score)
  v = number of votes for the trig = (visits)
  m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top 1000(currently 1)
  C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 5.5125089156742)

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