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Highest Rated Trigs Logged By catman

that is listed as: condition

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
1.Good condition TP3393Goat Fell101657.817.798
2.Good condition TP5662Rhossili Down1091107.807.788
3.Good condition TP6043Snowdon Summit5372407.617.617
4.Good condition TP0718Carn Fawr60377.637.608
5.Good condition TP2382Coniston Old Man2841717.557.547
6.Good condition TP2061Caw75727.557.527
7.Good condition TP1201Beinn Mhor16117.637.508
8.Good condition TP5468Place Fell1691007.507.497
9.Good condition TP0724Malvern2621657.457.448
9.Good condition TP6033Smearsett Scar113907.467.448

10 Lowest Rated Trigs

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
862.Inaccessible TP15061Lydgate Church Tower1183.914.045
863.Destroyed TP7840Fodol1813.944.030
863.Destroyed TP10054Brown Wardle1503.934.035
863.Good condition TP14045Wilder Road Methodist Church Spire1493.934.035
866.Good condition TP7278Leeds42263.933.975
867.Remains TP12179St Matthews Church Spire853.753.945
868.Destroyed TP7428Ambleside51263.883.915
868.Good condition TP12965Bradshaw Church Tower Centre443.503.915
870.Good condition TP9539Welholme Congregational Chapel Spire783.573.815
871.Good condition TP0609Haverfordwest FBM Aux 11893.673.765

The Rank calculation used is this page is taken from Freshmeat, for an explanation see here

 weighted rank (WR) = (v  (v+m))  R + (m  (v+m))  C

  R = average for the trig (mean) = (average score)
  v = number of votes for the trig = (visits)
  m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top 10(currently 1)
  C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 5.5122529691674)

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