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Highest Rated Trigs Logged By Sandrax2

that is listed as: condition

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
1.Good condition TP3393Goat Fell89658.007.979
2.Good condition TP1949Carn Eige37107.737.679
3.Good condition TP3034Eildon Mid Hill74397.687.657
4.Good condition TP1184Beinn Edra16107.697.569
5.Good condition TP5395Pentire Head53477.587.557
5.Good condition TP2169Chumhaing29287.627.559
7.Good condition TP6467Three Brethren37267.597.548
8.Good condition TP4504Lochnagar72297.537.509
8.Good condition TP5281Pananich Hill1287.677.507
10.Good condition TP3042Elgol42577.507.4510

10 Lowest Rated Trigs

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
99.Good condition TP3141Fern Hill29225.415.426
100.Good condition TP1475Blair Muir20175.405.407
101.Good condition TP1569Brae Field14165.365.377
102.Good condition TP3169Findowrie17165.295.317
103.Good condition TP5298Park Attwood46385.285.295
104.Good condition TP2858Drumhendry1295.255.277
104.Good condition TP6210Stoneyhill31245.265.277
106.Good condition TP5462Pitforthie17205.005.036
107.Good condition TP1772Burghill1084.804.866
108.Good condition TP0877Ardovie13104.774.826

The Rank calculation used is this page is taken from Freshmeat, for an explanation see here

 weighted rank (WR) = (v  (v+m))  R + (m  (v+m))  C

  R = average for the trig (mean) = (average score)
  v = number of votes for the trig = (visits)
  m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top 10(currently 1)
  C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 5.5037222216459)

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