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Highest Rated Trigs Logged By MikeG

that is listed as: condition

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
1.Good condition TP3724Helvellyn3421937.827.817
2.Good condition TP2382Coniston Old Man2831717.547.535
3.Good condition TP4504Lochnagar83327.477.4510
4.Good condition TP0724Malvern2601557.457.448
5.Remains TP4899Monument Hill116857.377.352
6.Good condition TP0949Back Tor2061297.337.338
7.Good condition TP6995Winhill Pike2671387.187.177
8.Good condition TP8973South African War Monument37127.147.095
9.Good condition TP0752Buckton Cliffs77977.097.077
10.Good condition TP2832Driesh65267.037.018

10 Lowest Rated Trigs

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
75.Good condition TP5683Rigton Bank65614.954.963
76.Good condition TP0135Moss Bridge52414.874.885
77.Good condition TP0356Driffield32314.844.865
78.Good condition TP0817Allerton Road74594.844.854
79.Moved TP0146Widdop55564.784.796
80.Good condition TP1347Beulah Farm76564.744.754
81.Damaged TP5316Parrenthorn83704.664.673
82.Moved TP3593Hampole Wood66693.984.013
83.Destroyed TP2050Catstones Hill35183.603.655
84.Moved TP4839Milnthorpe47383.343.391

The Rank calculation used is this page is taken from Freshmeat, for an explanation see here

 weighted rank (WR) = (v  (v+m))  R + (m  (v+m))  C

  R = average for the trig (mean) = (average score)
  v = number of votes for the trig = (visits)
  m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top 10(currently 1)
  C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 5.5104574651418)

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