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Highest Rated Trigs Logged By Team Tate

that is listed as: condition

Waypoint Name Logs Photos Average Rank* User Score
1.Good condition TP2729Danebury Hill87526.916.895
2.Good condition TP0307Farley Mount99686.436.435
3.Good condition TP0744Lyndhurst116835.905.895
4.Slightly damaged TP1802Burton Common58435.675.675

The Rank calculation used is this page is taken from Freshmeat, for an explanation see here

 weighted rank (WR) = (v  (v+m))  R + (m  (v+m))  C

  R = average for the trig (mean) = (average score)
  v = number of votes for the trig = (visits)
  m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top 10(currently 1)
  C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 5.5092902477609)

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