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Recently Uploaded Logs
Check Logs
   look for dubious logs (Other Themes: users)
Logs from the last 4 Days
Most commented on trigs
Scoring BreakdownBreakdown
    (Other Themes: scores)
Logs Over Time
   Breakdown of logs/users/trigs by month (Other Themes: trigs, scores & users)
Search Log Text
   find text in logs
Logging Progress over time
   cumulative graph of trigpoints logged
Other Related Pages
General Stats
   how Trigs have been voted (Other Themes: trigs & scores)
Highly Ranked Trigpoints
    (Other Themes: trigs, scores & user)
General Statistics
   about all logs on the system (Other Themes: trigs)
Trigs Logged but not yet photographed
    (Other Themes: photos & photos)
Highly Rated PhotographsUserCountyType
    (Other Themes: photos, trigs & users)
Recent Leaderboard
    (Other Themes: users)
Active Users in the last...
    (Other Themes: users)
Monthly Leaders
   shows the top trigers for each month (Other Themes: users)
When Users where active
    (Other Themes: users)
Categorise TrigsUser
   by Explorer Variables (Other Themes: user)
Log StatisticsUser
   based on Explorer Variables (Other Themes: user)
List Trigs By DayUser
    (Other Themes: user)
Trigs LoggedUser
    (Other Themes: user)
When Trigs are loggedUser
   logging activity over time (Other Themes: user & trigs)

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