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Last 4 Days Logs
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Sun 30th Dec 2018

Damaged TP4038Hough Top

Wed 19th Sep 2018

Good condition TP10798Seaham Hall Picnic Site
Good condition TP5286Pant-Y-Creigiau
Inaccessible TP13824Bolton Church Tower
Slightly damaged TP5119Newton Fell
Good condition TP0254Daventry North
Good condition TP14492West Haddon Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP0623Daventry FBM Aux 1
Good condition TP13838Daventry Church Spire
Inaccessible TP19909Welton Resr
Unknown TP19903Kilsby Tunnel
Inaccessible TP19910Thrupp Lodge
Unknown TP19905Rectory Farm
Good condition TP19867Crick Church Spire
Good condition TP14491Watford Church Tower Centre
Destroyed TP9898Alsager Hill Resr Apex
Inaccessible TP18289Radway Green ROF Water Tower
Good condition TP18286Lawton Heath
Destroyed TP18282County Training College
Good condition TP14809Alsager Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP18284Excalibur Hostel
Not Logged TP18242Foxholme Farm
Good condition TP10304Heath Church Spire
Good condition TP10307Sandbach Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP10324Sandbach Church Tower
Good condition TP13392Orphanage Spire
Destroyed TP13188Cheadle Hulme Church Spire
Destroyed TP13394Jacksons Brickworks Chimney
Good condition TP13369Platt Church Spire
Destroyed TP13126Kenilworth Hotel Centre
Good condition TP13114Heaton Norris Church Spire
Destroyed TP133962 Site RAF Boiler House Tower Heald Green Centre
Good condition TP13155Fallowfield Church Spire
Destroyed TP13116Hollands Limited Flagstaff
Inaccessible TP15264Regal Cinema
Destroyed TP13368Tram Depot Chimney
Destroyed TP13152Crossley Works Chimney
Good condition TP13112Heaton Moor Church Tower Centre
Destroyed TP13391Bleach Works Chimney
Destroyed TP13113Barnes Boys Home Spire Didsbury
Inaccessible TP13293Essoldo Cinema
Destroyed TP13501Jacksons Bridge
Good condition TP13492Floats Road Sub-Station Centre
Destroyed TP13277Capitol Cinema
Destroyed TP9951Hospital Water Tower Cupola
Destroyed TP13573Tatton Field
Destroyed TP13493Nurses Home Baguley Centre
Destroyed TP13393Cheadle Railway Embankment
Good condition TP13206Cheadle Church Tower Flagstaff
Inaccessible TP13706Crossacres Primary School
Destroyed TP13491Sharston Hall Centre
Destroyed TP13295St Johns Church Tower Benchill Centre
Good condition TP13705St Michaels Parish Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP13360St Pauls Methodist Church Spire
Destroyed TP13294Forum Cinema
Possibly missing TP13490John Crampton Paxo Works
Destroyed TP13572Withington
Good condition TP6870Whiston Hall
Good condition TP3518Grindle Farm
Good condition TP4511Lodge Hill
Moved TP5609Red Hill
Good condition TP2483Crackley Bank
Moved TP1246Belle Vue
Good condition TP6801West Beech
Good condition TP3863Hill Of Beath

Tue 18th Sep 2018

Good condition TP3739Heol Senni
Not Logged TP6454Thornton
Good condition TP10462Truro Cathedral Spire
Not Logged TP1262Ben Cladville
Not Logged TP1262Ben Cladville
Good condition TP9578Tarbert Church Spire
Good condition TP4970Muirhouselaw
Destroyed TP2943Duxon Hill
Destroyed TP7413Grey Heights
Destroyed TP4849Moat Hall
Destroyed TP0808Alderley Edge
Destroyed TP5906Shadsworth Road
Destroyed TP2587Cribden Hill
Destroyed TP10095Knowl Moor
Destroyed TP7323Brown Wardle
Destroyed TP2693Cutler Hill
Destroyed TP0934Audenshaw Resr
Destroyed TP10054Brown Wardle
Destroyed TP5813Sandy Lane
Destroyed TP2209Clay Lane Resr
Inaccessible TP13824Bolton Church Tower
Destroyed TP13632Worsley View
Destroyed TP14685Egyptian Mill Tower
Destroyed TP13633Irlam Soap Works
Good condition TP9247Bolton Town Hall Dome
Destroyed TP14711Pilsworth Chimney
Good condition TP13622Bury Cemetery Spire
Destroyed TP13498Carrington Lane
Destroyed TP9998Laburnum Mill Dome
Destroyed TP17245Derby Street Congregational Church Vane Bolton
Good condition TP13818Roscow Fold Church Spire
Good condition TP13620Ainsworth Church Tower Vane
Good condition TP13241Stretford Cemetery Church Spire
Destroyed TP14687Starling Water Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP13621Warth Mill
Inaccessible TP13699Astley Station
Destroyed TP13701CWS Margarine Works
Good condition TP13242Stretford Catholic Church Spire
Inaccessible TP8415Leverhulme Park
Good condition TP13783Tyldesley Church Spire
Destroyed TP13623Bury Golf Course
Good condition TP13205Flixton Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP17246Racing Track Chimney
Destroyed TP13787Brackley Colliery Chimney
Inaccessible TP13712Astley Mill
Good condition TP13499Urmston Church Tower Flagstaff
Inaccessible TP13821Beehive Mill No 2
Destroyed TP13784Cleworth Hall Colliery Winding Gear
Good condition TP13619Black Lane Church Spire
Destroyed TP13822Bolton Hospital Tower Vane
Inaccessible TP13704Park Hospital
Destroyed TP13618Stopes Road
Inaccessible TP13788Century Mill
Destroyed TP13785Wharton Hall Colliery Winding Gear
Inaccessible TP13700Astley Green Colliery Headgear Centre
Inaccessible TP14688Little Lever Church Tower
Good condition TP13786Little Hulton Church Spire
Destroyed TP13791Mosley Common Colliery Winding Gear
Destroyed TP13792Boothstown Bridge
Good condition TP13789Farnworth Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP13568Harpurhey Church Spire
Destroyed TP13702Foxhill
Good condition TP13366Moss Side Church Spire
Destroyed TP13624Higher House Farm
Destroyed TP13562Kingsley Wood Flats
Destroyed TP17239Laburnum Mill
Destroyed TP13561St Georges Church Spire
Good condition TP9608Stretford Town Hall Clock Tower
Inaccessible TP13703Moss Block
Destroyed TP13544CWS Y Site Premises
Good condition TP9114Higher Blackley Belfry
Good condition TP13617Radcliffe Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP13553Kelloggs
Destroyed TP13408City Methodist Church Spire
Destroyed TP13616Radcliffe Church Spire
Good condition TP13134Town Hall Spire
Destroyed TP13625Albert Mill
Unknown TP13543Sunlight House Punch Mark
Destroyed TP17252East Lancs Road Station No 2
Destroyed TP13563Victoria Methodist Church Spire
Unknown TP13542Sunlight House
Good condition TP13614St Stephens Church Tower Flagstaff
Inaccessible TP13552Moss Bridge
Good condition TP7509Manchester
Destroyed TP13564Northern Hospital
Destroyed TP13551CWS Flour Mills
Destroyed TP17249Cinder Hill
Good condition TP13628Clarkes Hill Reservoir Mast
Destroyed TP13567St Marys Church Spire
Good condition TP13698Worsley Church Spire
Inaccessible TP13615Stand Church Tower
Destroyed TP13549Eccles Fire Station Centre
Chris M0RSF
Couldn't find it TP16489Lords Seat
Slightly damaged TP5167North Nab
Slightly damaged TP5983Simons Seat
Couldn't find it TP16489Lords Seat
Not Logged TP1852Cairn Pat

Mon 17th Sep 2018

Good condition TP3670Haugh Field
Good condition TP10549St Aidans Church Flagstaff Holder West Hartlepool
Good condition TP10548Stranton Cemetery Spire West Hartlepool
Good condition TP10558Elwick Road
Good condition TP5615Red Lion Farm
Good condition TP10544Greatham Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP10546Seaton Carew Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP0128Hartlepool
Destroyed TP10550St Georges Church Tower West Hartlepool Flagstaff
Good condition TP9243Co-op Stores Dome West Hartlepool
Good condition TP9006Christ Church Pinnacle West Hartlepool
Destroyed TP16711Hartlepool Corporation North Destructor Chimney
Good condition TP3647Hart
Inaccessible TP16830Thornley Reservoir
Good condition TP5215Old Cassop
Good condition TP2252Clyncae
Good condition TP2667Cudden Point
Good condition TP21647Command Post
Good condition TP6289Sworne Farm
Slightly damaged TP5739Roskruge Beacon
Good condition TP6572Tregellast
Good condition TP1410Black Head
Good condition TP3407Goonhilly Down
Good condition TP6151Stanbury Point
Good condition TP13688Walton
Good condition TP6720Walton Lane
Good condition TP3521Grinshill Cliff
Not Logged TP14833Kingsbridge Town Hall Clock Tower
Not Logged TP14834Kingsbridge St Edmunds Church Spire
Good condition TP4321Laggan
Slightly damaged TP6098Spire Farm
Slightly damaged TP1076Bashall Eaves
Good condition TP2800Doe Hill
Good condition TP4535Longridge Fell
Good condition TP0085Rugged Knowes
Good condition TP11258Tantallon Castle
Good condition TP0352Wroxall Down
Good condition TP3688Haypark
Destroyed TP13550Station K Docks Main
Destroyed TP13790Sandhole Colliery Bath House Tower
Destroyed TP13548Monton Mill Tower
Good condition TP13604Salford Church Spire
Destroyed TP4127Jackson Fold
Unknown TP13612Park Lane
Unknown TP13554Broadway Theatre
Good condition TP8416Carter Hill
Good condition TP13613St Annes Church Belfry Vane
Destroyed TP13565Broughton Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP13547Eccles Methodist Church Spire
Destroyed TP6738Wardley Moss
Good condition TP13566Kersal Moor Church Spire
Good condition TP9569Salford Civic Centre Clock Tower
Good condition TP13545Weaste Church Spire
Destroyed TP15170Euxton Railway Footbridge
Not Logged TP9370Chorley RC Church Cupola
Toppled TP17027Cowling Concrete Works
Destroyed TP13847Hartwood Green Water Tower Centre
Unknown TP17026Bibby'S Farm
Good condition TP14741Chorley Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP17028Great Knowley Reservoir
Destroyed TP17029Talbot Mill
Destroyed TP14740Euxton Operation Centre
Good condition TP13849Higher Walton Church Spire
Destroyed TP17039Courtaulds Factory
Not Logged TP17178Moor Nook Playing Field
Destroyed TP17176Kitchen Green
Unknown TP17182Thompsons Field
Destroyed TP17148Whittingham Water Tower
Destroyed TP17166Broughton Hall Farm
Unknown TP17181The Grange
Good condition TP9368Fire Station Cupola
Good condition TP14035Broughton Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP14034Barton Church Spire
Good condition TP14080Churchtown Church Tower St Helens Centre
Good condition TP12721Scorton Church Spire
Good condition TP14079Bilsborrow Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP8079Lowick
Good condition TP8069Stoneside Hill
Possibly missing TP8070Tarn Riggs
Good condition TP0597Ulverston FBM Aux 1
Good condition TP12727Glaxo Chimney
Good condition TP0133Mansriggs
Destroyed TP5868Selker Point
Good condition TP7454Barrow Monument
Good condition TP12737Cross Moor
Good condition TP12728Bardsea Church Spire
Unknown TP17112Westfield Farm
Inaccessible TP12729St Michaels Church Tower
Good condition TP10521Millom Church Spire
Destroyed TP17097Biggar Bank Gun Post
Good condition TP0132Scar End
Good condition TP9854Walney Lighthouse (1990)
Unknown TP17113Walney Fort
Destroyed TP17106Ramsey Island
Unknown TP17103Moor Head
Destroyed TP17099Coke Plant
Destroyed TP17110Tummer Hill
Inaccessible TP17104Ocean Road
Unknown TP17101Holbeck Farm
Good condition TP10519St Georges Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP1094Beacon Brow
Inaccessible TP12736Dalton Church Tower
Good condition TP10517Barrow Town Hall Tower Flagstaff
Unknown TP17100Flass Lane
Good condition TP12731Abbey Road Methodist Church Spire
Inaccessible TP17109The Billings
Destroyed TP17096Barrow Aerodrome
Good condition TP10518St James Church Spire
Destroyed TP17111Walney Island Rabbit Warren
Unknown TP17102Lenny Hill
Destroyed TP17107Slag Heap
Inaccessible TP12730St Aloysius School
Unknown TP17098Breast Mill Beck
Destroyed TP12733Hawcoat Water Tower
Destroyed TP17094North End Fs
Destroyed TP12734Hawcoat Pagoda
Destroyed TP12732Barrow Cemetery Spire
Destroyed TP17105Rakes Moor Farm
Good condition TP12735Sandscale Pillbox
Inaccessible TP17108Sowerby Railway Bridge
Destroyed TP13606Holy Angels Church Tower
Good condition TP13546St James Church Spire Salford
Destroyed TP13611Gasometer Field
Destroyed TP13607East Lancs Road Station No 1
Destroyed TP13605Pendleton Town Hall
Destroyed TP5526Prestwich Resr
Destroyed TP13627Swinton Church Spire
Destroyed TP13610Tipper
Destroyed TP13609Agecroft
Destroyed TP13608Acme Mill
Good condition TP1747Buckland Hill
Good condition TP2740Daws Green
Good condition TP1819Butsons
Slightly damaged TP1634Brimham Rocks
Slightly damaged TP1115Beamsley Beacon
Good condition TP4420Lindley Moor
Good condition TP4949Mount Pleasant
Roger Peaple
Good condition TP2340Cold Law
Good condition TP1721Brunt Knott
Not Logged TP6920Whitton Hill
Not Logged TP4900Monylaws
cathy trickett
Good condition TP2800Doe Hill
Good condition TP4535Longridge Fell
Good condition TP4535Longridge Fell
Moved TP1480Blakehowe
Moved TP1480Blakehowe
Good condition TP4535Longridge Fell
Good condition TP10476Oris Field
Good condition TP5790Salcey Forest
Not Logged TP4911Moor Plantations

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