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Last 4 Days Logs
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Tue 20th Mar 2018

Slightly damaged TP1839Cader Idris
Damaged TP6542Torrisholme Barrow
Good condition TP9857Morecambe Harbour Lighthouse
Good condition TP5604Red Bank
Good condition TP6761Warton Crag
stan toon
Good condition TP3402Golf Course
Good condition TP2884Dumglow
Good condition TP4400Lendrick Hill
Good condition TP1318Bengairn
Good condition TP0689Criffell
Good condition TP4623Mam Tor
Slightly damaged TP6868Whins Brow
Not Logged TP2028Castle Hill
Slightly damaged TP2028Castle Hill
Not Logged TP6701Walcotefield
Not Logged TP0256Cold Ashby
Not Logged TP7100Yelvertoft

Mon 19th Mar 2018

Good condition TP4481Llanstephan
Damaged TP11092Llanybri Church Spire
Good condition TP3731Hendre
Good condition TP5283Pant Dwfn
Good condition TP1726Bryn Banc
Good condition TP2620Crosshands
Good condition TP1980Carn Wen
Good condition TP4485Llanwinio
Good condition TP4473Llangynin
Good condition TP2788Diphwys
Destroyed TP17753Dolgellau Church Tower Auxiliary
Not Logged TP0180Gwynfryn
Couldn't find it TP0180Gwynfryn
Good condition TP7254Wrexham
Couldn't find it TP0605Wrexham FBM Aux 1
Destroyed TP17771Denbighshire Technical College
Destroyed TP14753Gresford Colliery No 2 Shaft W G
Good condition TP11425Rosset Church Tower Centre
Destroyed TP11427Eccleston Church Tower
Good condition TP11429Christleton Church Tower Vane
Good condition TP6157Stang Top Moor
Good condition TP5682Rigg Of England
Good condition TP6424The Rough
Good condition TP1416Black Hill
Destroyed TP2587Cribden Hill
Slightly damaged TP5340Peel Park
Good condition TP9384Middle Lane School Cupola
Destroyed TP14556Beighton Hall Spire
Good condition TP13182Bentley Church Spire
Destroyed TP13028Yorkshire Tar Distilleries Centre
Destroyed TP18582Mexborough Trinity Methodist Church Spire
Destroyed TP13950Barlborough Water Tower Centre
Good condition TP13030Mexborough St Johns Church Spire
Good condition TP11506Morton Church Tower Flagstaff & Centre
Destroyed TP18598Royds Moor Farm
Possibly missing TP8592Cadeby Lane
Possibly missing TP18872Baugy Hill
Possibly missing TP14471Rampton Institute Chimney
Good condition TP13015Ravenfield
Possibly missing TP8578Parks Hilltop
Possibly missing TP17626South Woodfield Farm
Inaccessible TP13175Doncaster Co-Op Emporium
Good condition TP13014Ravenfield Park
Unknown TP18843Spittalmoor
Destroyed TP14602Bevercoates Colliery No 2 Shaft
Possibly missing TP18881Low Laith Farm
Destroyed TP18597Hopper
Possibly missing TP15197Lawns Farm
Possibly missing TP18911Bevercotes Colly
Destroyed TP18641Dalton Common
Possibly missing TP17602Red House Farm
Possibly missing TP8587Park Lane
Unknown TP18910Carburton
Destroyed TP18656The Moorlands
Destroyed TP17621Butterbusk
Inaccessible TP13006Warmsworth Primary School
Destroyed TP18842Penny Green Siding
Destroyed TP17627Conisbrough Road
Destroyed TP13187Nutwell Pumping Station
Possibly missing TP18653Springvale Farm
Destroyed TP18640Conisbrough Grange
Destroyed TP17603Rose Hill
Possibly missing TP18889Todwick
Possibly missing TP18642Flash Lane Field
Unknown TP17620Snake Lane
Destroyed TP13738Windsor Cinema Balby
Not Logged TP3723Helsby Hill
Good condition TP3723Helsby Hill
Not Logged TP3413Gorllwyn
Good condition TP25784Gaydon

Sun 18th Mar 2018

Slightly damaged TP3806High Scales
Good condition TP9360Highmoor Cupola
Good condition TP5740Rosley Reservoir
Inaccessible TP11265Thursby Church Tower Flagstaff
Slightly damaged TP1381Birds Hill
Good condition TP4629Manor Farm
Good condition TP1059Barrock Fell
Good condition TP2330Coire Ceirsle Hill
Earby Rambler
Good condition TP6455Thornton
Good condition TP2330Coire Ceirsle Hill
Thomas David Whitaker
Not Logged TP0139Halton
Not Logged TP1104Beacon Hill
Not Logged TP5086New Barn
Not Logged TP2692Cutbush Farm
Not Logged TP0404Jaggers
Not Logged TP4666Markswood
Not Logged TP1823Buttons Hill
Not Logged TP7117Nether Hall
Not Logged TP4454Little Yeldham
Not Logged TP1567Bradwell Wick
Not Logged TP6041Snow Hill
Not Logged TP3467Great Sampford
Not Logged TP1379Birdbrook
Not Logged TP5603Rectory Farm
Not Logged TP2760Dengewell Hall
Not Logged TP1021Bardfield End
Not Logged TP4802Middle Field Hill
Not Logged TP1835Cabbage Row
Not Logged TP0398Maplestead
Not Logged TP4626Manningtree
Not Logged TP1619Brick Bar
Not Logged TP7073Wormingford
Not Logged TP4349Langham Lodge
Not Logged TP1513Bocking
Not Logged TP6041Snow Hill
Not Logged TP3450Great Bromley Radar Mast
Inaccessible TP8009Greenwich Observatory
Good condition TP14918Greenwich Observatory Time Signal Ball Centre
Good condition TP24101All Saints Church Spire Blackheath
Moved TP4063Hungry Hill
Couldn't find it TP7905Caesars Camp
Destroyed TP7861Bricksbury Hill
Good condition TP13754St Silas Church Tower Flagstaff Blackburn
Good condition TP13762Blackburn Church Tower St Judes Flagstaff
Good condition TP13763Church Church Tower St James Centre

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