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Last 3 Days Logs
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Sun 20th Oct 2019

Good condition TP075313:45 Acre
Good condition TP916211:45 Whitchurch Asylum Dome
Border Peat
Good condition TP267115:54 Culbin
Good condition TP1539514:51 Darnaway Castle Flagstaff
Good condition TP1388616:20 Rhyl Church Spire
Good condition TP819715:55 East Sea Wall
Good condition TP758115:16 Rhuddlan Marsh Embankment
Destroyed TP485914:12 Moel Maen-Efa
Good condition TP249213:32 Craig Fawr
Good condition TP060413:12 Dyserth FBM Aux 1
Good condition TP720913:06 Dyserth (R)
Slightly damaged TP853012:45 Rhyd Farm
Good condition TP1020311:45 Point Of Ayr Lighthouse
Good condition TP017711:13 Point Of Ayr
Remains TP1339908:57 Stalybridge Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP079615:20 Ainsworth Old Hall
Good condition TP577614:45 Rushtons Height
Good condition TP494813:50 Mount Pleasant
Slightly damaged TP153813:33 Bottoms Farm
Good condition TP615813:09 Stanhill
Good condition TP698612:41 Windy Bank
Good condition TP695412:21 Wilpshire Moor
Good condition TP476811:58 Mellor
Good condition TP495713:35 Mow Cop
Good condition TP636611:09 The Cloud
Thomas David Whitaker
Not Logged TP162316:50 Bridestones Moor
Not Logged TP262615:45 Crow Hill
Good condition TP074800:00 Little Haldon
Good condition TP245700:00 Court Bottom
Good condition TP627117:02 Sutton Down
Good condition TP110810:43 Beacon Hill Halifax
Inaccessible TP1868914:59 Southey Green County School Roof
Destroyed TP1869314:47 Firth Park Grammar School Tower
Destroyed TP1868614:40 Brightside Bakery Co-Op Roof
Destroyed TP695814:11 Wincobank Hill
Destroyed TP649013:12 Tinsley Park
Destroyed TP1520812:44 Brinsworth Sports Club
Good condition TP633712:08 Templeborough
Couldn't find it TP1858711:11 Canklow Wood
Destroyed TP1519910:40 Whiston Grange
Destroyed TP1869710:31 Broom Road
Destroyed TP1519810:20 St Cuthberts Church
Destroyed TP1859110:07 Gallow Tree
Possibly missing TP1869609:53 Brecks Lane
Destroyed TP1864109:39 Dalton Common
Destroyed TP1859709:04 Hopper
Destroyed TP1865608:47 The Moorlands
Good condition TP124313:01 Beinne Brice
Good condition TP079615:20 Ainsworth Old Hall
Good condition TP577614:45 Rushtons Height
Good condition TP494813:51 Mount Pleasant
Slightly damaged TP153813:34 Bottoms Farm
Good condition TP615813:09 Stanhill
Good condition TP698612:41 Windy Bank
Good condition TP695412:23 Wilpshire Moor
Good condition TP476811:58 Mellor
Good condition TP280616:00 Dolphinston
Good condition TP683315:10 Wester Ulston
Good condition TP526414:00 Overwells
Good condition TP404313:15 Howden
David Bremner
Good condition TP285423:57 Drumashie
Good condition TP263209:23 Crowhall
Not Logged TP641115:37 The Nower
Good condition TP043022:08 Frog Firle
Inaccessible TP055222:03 Alfriston
Good condition TP637021:55 The Comp

Sat 19th Oct 2019

Destroyed TP2199415:45 Lincoln Gasworks
Destroyed TP2199615:10 Hykeham Road
Destroyed TP2199714:50 Tiveys Farm
Destroyed TP1463514:40 Naafi Bakery
Not Logged TP1463413:55 Hykeham Pumping Station
Good condition TP1372212:55 Waddington Aero Water Tower Centre
Destroyed TP2572112:25 Bracebridge Heath
Destroyed TP954211:50 Bracebridge Water Tower Vane
Good condition TP010715:25 Sarkhall
Good condition TP718812:31 Penrith (R)
Destroyed TP011012:23 Stainton
Good condition TP059312:18 Penrith FBM Aux 1
Good condition TP1401018:45 Tower Bottling Plant Centre
Good condition TP1400418:33 Warbreck Water Tower Centre
Good condition TP924417:21 Blackpool Convalescent Home Dome
Good condition TP1402915:38 Holy Trinity Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP1114413:40 Crayke Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP1114513:15 Stillington Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP051812:25 Bulmer
Good condition TP592612:10 Sheepclose Farm
Good condition TP1114811:50 Strensall Church Spire
Good condition TP655711:40 Towthorpe
Good condition TP013010:50 Ravenscar
Damaged TP125814:27 Ben Alder
Good condition TP736511:02 Newcastle University
Good condition TP2211916:47 Holkham Church Tower
Good condition TP899116:46 Holkham Monument
Good condition TP2211416:41 Wells Reservoir
Destroyed TP2211716:39 Crabbs Castle Water Tank
Good condition TP1376716:37 Syderstone Church Spire
Destroyed TP1376616:35 Coxford North Radar Mast
Destroyed TP1376516:34 Coxford South Radar Mast
Destroyed TP2206616:32 Great Bircham Windmill Vane
Destroyed TP2205916:31 Bircham Newton Water Tower
Good condition TP799916:27 Docking Church Tower Centre
Not Logged TP799916:27 Docking Church Tower Centre
Inaccessible TP2208116:26 Docking Water Tower
Good condition TP603916:24 Snettisham Resr
Possibly missing TP2209116:21 Hunstanton Secondary School
Destroyed TP2209316:19 Hunstanton Water Tower
Good condition TP1116319:13 St Chads Church Spire Headingley
Remains TP1267819:02 Abbey Mast
Good condition TP287218:37 Duckworth Hill
Good condition TP314318:17 Fernhurst Hill
Good condition TP521917:44 Old Harpers
Good condition TP1327617:43 Winter Hill TV Mast
Earby Rambler
Good condition TP1076515:17 St Pauls Church Spire Huddersfield
Couldn't find it TP843413:50 Rye
Good condition TP1366513:15 Saddleworth Church Tower Flagstaff
Slightly damaged TP578611:50 Saddleworth
Good condition TP895511:05 Dick Hill Monument
Couldn't find it TP1726310:40 Turner Hill
Destroyed TP140113:45 Bitterne
Pete the Trig Hunter
Good condition TP636415:00 The Cliff
Good condition TP609613:30 Spettisbury Ring
Good condition TP2475214:37 Tonbridge School Chapel Ventilator
Good condition TP293715:21 Dur Hill Down
Good condition TP261013:06 Crook Rise Crag Top
Good condition TP357910:35 Halton Height
Good condition TP287218:37 Duckworth Hill
Good condition TP314318:17 Fernhurst Hill
Good condition TP521917:43 Old Harpers
Not Logged TP683211:15 Wester Softlaw

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