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Last 3 Days Logs
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Thu 21st Jun 2018

Good condition TP409010:42 Hutton Roof Crag
Toppled TP768309:33 Tregear Water Tank

Wed 20th Jun 2018

Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Not Logged TP1536508:51 Am Meallan
Good condition TP1401614:34 Lytham Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP415315:21 Kelky Fell
Colin Wood
Not Logged TP155411:44 Boys Hill
Good condition TP155411:44 Boys Hill
Good condition TP155411:44 Boys Hill
Destroyed TP2299811:40 Fishermens Head
Destroyed TP2313511:40 Clarks Hard
Unknown TP2303611:40 Foulness Hut
Destroyed TP397311:40 Holliwell Point
Unknown TP2303811:40 New Burwood Farm
Inaccessible TP2305211:39 Tillingham Church Tower
Possibly missing TP821511:39 The Stone Pillbox
Good condition TP040111:39 The Wick
Destroyed TP2303511:39 Down Westwick
Destroyed TP648311:39 Tillingham
Destroyed TP2304811:38 Maldon West Railway Embankment
Destroyed TP2304211:38 Great Beeleigh Farm
Unknown TP2302211:38 Maldon St Peters Hospital Spire
Destroyed TP2305511:38 Lime Brook
Destroyed TP2304311:38 Heybridge Basin
Destroyed TP2304111:38 Chigborough Farm
Good condition TP2302011:38 Maldon All Saints Church Spire
Inaccessible TP2306811:38 St Peters Library Tower
Unknown TP2306511:37 Danbury Water Tower
Destroyed TP2304511:37 Heybridge Wood
Destroyed TP2307111:37 Witham Water Tower
Destroyed TP2304911:37 The Towers Water Tower
Destroyed TP366611:37 Hatfield Peverel
Not Logged TP802800:50 Ashton Memorial

Tue 19th Jun 2018

Good condition TP590022:27 Sgurr Na H-Eanchainne
Good condition TP051215:30 Kirkby Stephen (1976)
Destroyed TP748815:30 Kirkby Stephen (1912)
Good condition TP972715:12 Kirkby Stephen Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP1401616:20 Lytham Church Tower Flagstaff
Good condition TP559613:11 Raydon
Destroyed TP1043718:05 Phillack Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP1043618:02 Hayle Generating Station Tall Chimney
Possibly missing TP1048718:00 Hayle Generating Station Short Chimney
Remains TP1046117:46 Hayle Church Tower Vane
Inaccessible TP889817:25 Ludgvan Church Tower
Good condition TP063517:02 Madron FBM Aux 1
Unreachable but visible TP715916:51 Madron
Good condition TP1049016:41 Madron Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP063416:24 Sancreed FBM Aux 1
Good condition TP720016:17 Sancreed
Good condition TP1013116:11 The Beacon
Good condition TP000915:48 Bartinney
Good condition TP195714:50 Carn Gloose
Good condition TP858114:40 Cape Cornwall Chimney
Inaccessible TP889714:15 St Just Church Tower
Good condition TP153413:56 Botallack Head
Good condition TP032513:38 Woon Gumpus Common
Good condition TP1044813:10 Pendeen Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP869112:58 Pendeen Lighthouse
Good condition TP1048812:57 Pendeen Outhouse No 1
Good condition TP1043012:25 Ding Dong Mine Chimney
Good condition TP195312:19 Carn Galver
Good condition TP711111:09 Zennor Cliff
Good condition TP657710:33 Trendrine Hill
Good condition TP197709:45 Carn Naun
Good condition TP761709:06 Trevalgan Hill
Rick Trig
Converted TP074612:24 St Agnes Beacon
dadu 13
Good condition TP373817:23 Hensborough Hill
Good condition TP500913:09 Mynydd Cilan
Good condition TP331613:06 Garn Pwllheli
Slightly damaged TP649114:32 Tinto
Good condition TP795721:53 Scotsburn Navigation Pole
Good condition TP134821:21 Bewley Down
Good condition TP1379611:53 Great Baddow Church Spire
Destroyed TP2307811:53 Great Baddow Water Tower
Unknown TP2307711:52 Rainsford School Tower
Inaccessible TP2307911:52 County Hall
Destroyed TP2301311:52 Rainsford Water Tower Vane
Destroyed TP2309211:52 Warren Farm
Unknown TP2469011:51 Havering (Atterbower) Water Tower
Destroyed TP2456911:51 Chase Cross Secondary School
Good condition TP2302911:51 Doddinghurst Church Spire
Unknown TP2460911:51 Pyrgo
Destroyed TP2310611:51 Cable and Wireless Beam Tower
Destroyed TP2282911:51 Kelvedon Hatch Water Tank
Destroyed TP2459611:50 Brentwood Road
Destroyed TP2422011:50 Lner Warehouse
Destroyed TP2459811:50 Eastern Electricity Building
Destroyed TP2435711:50 Hornchurch Telephone Exchange
Good condition TP253006:37 Craigs Top
Slightly damaged TP241406:33 Corlick Hill
Slightly damaged TP498506:31 Murdieston
Good condition TP686706:28 Whin Hill
Good condition TP651006:23 Tom Ard
Sharon Merchant
Good condition TP238216:34 Coniston Old Man
Good condition TP561900:00 Red Screes
Not Logged TP356611:24 Hailstorm Ridge
Good condition TP247510:20 Cowpe Lowe
Not Logged TP552609:11 Prestwich Resr
Destroyed TP552609:00 Prestwich Resr
Good condition TP444914:29 Little Ouse
Good condition TP392418:00 Hillhead

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