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Last 3 Days Logs
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Sat 24th Aug 2019

Good condition TP512714:49 Night Fold Field
Good condition TP890214:27 Warkworth Castle Keep Flagstaff
Earby Rambler
Good condition TP096315:00 Badland Hill
Good condition TP142914:00 Black Mixen
Good condition TP556712:40 Radnor Forest
Good condition TP512714:51 Night Fold Field

Fri 23rd Aug 2019

Good condition TP975420:12 Knivedon Radio Mast
Remains TP1034919:56 Cheddleton Mental Hospital Vane
Inaccessible TP1831219:36 Kingsley Church Tower
Good condition TP1201119:14 Church Leigh Church Tower Vane
Remains TP1201019:00 Bramshall Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP689905:55 White Sheet Hill
Andy West
Good condition TP456618:19 Lower Hegdon
Good condition TP163817:36 Bringsty Common
Moved TP536017:21 Pen Lan Fach
Destroyed TP903017:16 Pen Lan Water Tower Mast
Good condition TP893516:59 Swansea Water Tower Mast
Good condition TP893116:55 Mayhill School Cupola
Good condition TP876716:25 Swansea Guildhall Clock Tower
Destroyed TP1006215:45 Cefn Bryn
Good condition TP073015:44 Cefn Bryn
Good condition TP564315:09 Reynoldston
Good condition TP578514:36 Ryers Down
Good condition TP217914:06 Cil Ifor Top
Good condition TP536713:43 Penclawdd
Destroyed TP893413:20 Three Crosses Water Tower Mast
Good condition TP876213:18 Killay Chapel Dome
Good condition TP225313:02 Clyne Golf Course
Destroyed TP1094312:44 Upper Killay Shelter
Damaged TP310012:41 Fairwood
Slightly damaged TP053412:24 Bishopston
Remains TP876412:19 Nazareth House Cross
Good condition TP781211:56 Caswell Bay
Good condition TP876311:15 Fensala Naval Officers Club Chimney
Good condition TP876811:00 Mumbles Lighthouse
Good condition TP775310:45 Swansea
Good condition TP498210:27 Mumbles Hill
Destroyed TP1093710:05 Mumbles Church Tower
Good condition TP143209:46 Black Pill
Good condition TP876509:27 St Pauls Church Spire
Destroyed TP270509:20 Cwm Llwyd
Destroyed TP1912909:19 Cockett Reservoir
Good condition TP876609:10 St Peters Church Belfry
Good condition TP893308:52 Lougher Church Belfry
Destroyed TP1094708:42 Bryn Fire Station
Destroyed TP1094108:35 British Piano Action Co Tower
Good condition TP875508:30 New Street Church Spire
Destroyed TP1910908:27 Steel Works Water Tank
Good condition TP317011:14 Fineglen
Good condition TP329416:59 Gallow Hill
Good condition TP185715:01 Cairndale
Good condition TP242914:30 Corse
Good condition TP480713:42 Middleburgh
Good condition TP492512:08 Mormond
Good condition TP108418:08 Batter Law Hill
Good condition TP560616:42 Red Hall Farm
Good condition TP408616:08 Hutton
Good condition TP109315:47 Beacon Banks
Good condition TP234315:25 Coldharbour Lane
Destroyed TP711815:23 Peter Hill
Good condition TP1114915:04 Shipton Church Spire
Good condition TP655713:53 Towthorpe
Good condition TP1223413:29 Escrick Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP1315712:57 Askern Water Tower Centre
Good condition TP1318312:47 Scawthorpe Water Tower Centre
Good condition TP1117612:40 Doncaster Church Tower Flagstaff
Slightly damaged TP329417:00 Gallow Hill
Good condition TP391215:51 Hill Of Turlundie
Good condition TP185715:01 Cairndale
Good condition TP242914:31 Corse
Good condition TP480713:43 Middleburgh
Good condition TP492512:08 Mormond
Good condition TP566219:55 Rhossili Down
Destroyed TP1753813:15 York City Asylum Water Tower
Good condition TP053514:41 Countisbury
Good condition TP847212:15 Woolley Moor
Good condition TP706411:38 Woolley Edge
Destroyed TP1739911:15 Wheatley Wood Tip
Destroyed TP614711:05 Staincross Reservoir
Possibly missing TP1741310:48 Tipsey Hill
Good condition TP015510:40 Staincross
Inaccessible TP1741410:09 Upper Carr Green Quarry
Inaccessible TP1740809:48 Athersley Infant School
Destroyed TP1740909:37 Carlton Quarry
Destroyed TP1736309:23 Klondyke Chimney
Destroyed TP1867408:56 Quaker Lane
Good condition TP088108:43 Ardsley
Couldn't find it TP849008:18 Cudworth Common
Couldn't find it TP1304707:44 Southfield Lane
Couldn't find it TP849606:51 Summer House
Good condition TP603310:32 Smearsett Scar
Good condition TP108418:07 Batter Law Hill
Good condition TP560616:42 Red Hall Farm
Good condition TP408616:16 Hutton
Good condition TP109315:46 Beacon Banks
Destroyed TP711815:25 Peter Hill
Good condition TP234315:24 Coldharbour Lane
Good condition TP655713:53 Towthorpe
Good condition TP393116:46 Hillocks Farm
Good condition TP649816:43 Titterstone Clee
Good condition TP155916:35 Bradley
Good condition TP279417:28 Dodd End
Good condition TP631119:41 Tandle Hill
Slightly damaged TP359011:30 Hamilton Hill

Thu 22nd Aug 2019

Good condition TP627119:02 Sutton Down
Good condition TP073814:51 Wingreen
Converted TP476413:28 Melbury Hill
Good condition TP177810:30 Burnbake
Only Joking
Slightly damaged TP269414:59 Cutsdean Hill
Good condition TP875818:00 Town Hall Dome
Good condition TP875617:53 Parc Congregational Church Spire
Inaccessible TP1075017:46 Parc Howard Tower
Destroyed TP1094217:40 Morris Works Water Tank
Good condition TP875717:27 Llannon Church Tower Vane
Good condition TP503817:07 Mynydd Sylen
Good condition TP294716:49 Dythel
Good condition TP534516:35 Pembrey
Good condition TP512815:48 Nimpwll
Remains TP1112415:46 Nimpwll Centre
Good condition TP541315:29 Pen-Y-Gau
Good condition TP446315:05 Llandefeilog
Destroyed TP1109314:47 Cow & Gate Chimney
Destroyed TP1005814:36 Llangain
Good condition TP447114:35 Llangain
Good condition TP487214:17 Moelfre
Damaged TP1109213:49 Llanybri Church Spire
Good condition TP448113:39 Llanstephan
Good condition TP373113:23 Hendre
Good condition TP528312:59 Pant Dwfn
Good condition TP696611:12 Windleway
Good condition TP071910:44 Pendine
Good condition TP021410:34 Pendine Cross Roads
Good condition TP447810:19 Llansadurnen
Good condition TP1109110:11 Llansadurnen Church Spire
Unreachable but visible TP152009:38 Bolahaul
Good condition TP902409:08 Kidwelly Church Spire
Good condition TP083608:50 An Creachan
Good condition TP113118:30 Beeston Hill
Earby Rambler
Good condition TP1271311:57 Greave Methodist Church Spire
Good condition TP594809:10 Shilstone Hill
Good condition TP656606:52 Treborough Common
Robert Kemp
Not Logged TP503720:17 Mynydd Rhyd-Ddu
Not Logged TP664309:05 Ty'N-Y-Pistyll
Not Logged TP465408:51 Marial Gwyn
Good condition TP650320:39 Todrig
Good condition TP594809:10 Shilstone Hill
Good condition TP656606:58 Treborough Common
Couldn't find it TP1945316:30 Craig-Y-Don
Good condition TP113315:30 Beguildy Beacon
Good condition TP339114:00 Glog
Damaged TP233612:00 Cold Coats
Good condition TP1385011:00 Longridge Church Tower St Pauls Centre
Good condition TP391815:00 Hill Top
Good condition TP633713:00 Templeborough

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