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Last 3 Days Logs
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Sat 14th Dec 2019

Good condition TP132712:20 Bentley Park Wood
Damaged TP132612:10 Bentley
Unreachable but visible TP241311:45 Corley Resr
Good condition TP397511:30 Hollyberry End
Slightly damaged TP328310:35 Gables
Destroyed TP245510:10 Coundon Resr
Earby Rambler
Good condition TP1058714:50 Harrogate St Lukes Church Spire
Good condition TP1101713:40 Harrogate Christ Church Tower Centre
Good condition TP1101409:50 Harrogate St Wilfred Church Spire
Not Logged TP693814:54 Widmere
Not Logged TP293014:04 Dunsden
Not Logged TP137513:44 Birch Heath
Slightly damaged TP349913:24 Greenmoor Hill
Good condition TP688613:01 White Hill
Not Logged TP519412:32 Nuffield
Good condition TP407211:59 Huntingland
Good condition TP164011:40 Britwell Hill
Good condition TP1186318:40 Shrewsbury Market Clock Tower Vane
Slightly damaged TP442914:56 Lintlaw
Not Logged TP692012:03 Whitton Hill
Good condition TP565510:55 Rhodes Hill

Fri 13th Dec 2019

Border Peat
Good condition TP1051411:37 Steetley Chimney
Good condition TP1054211:09 Sedgefield Church Tower Flagstaff
Destroyed TP1671810:39 Whinfield House Vane
Destroyed TP1672010:16 Skipbridge Brick Works Chimney
Destroyed TP1672109:55 Chemical Works Chimney
Destroyed TP1676709:35 Central Reclamation Office
Slightly damaged TP307812:30 Eston Beacon
Good condition TP560610:01 Red Hall Farm
Good condition TP736514:00 Newcastle University
Slightly damaged TP140912:43 Black Hameldon
Slightly damaged TP162311:57 Bridestones Moor
Good condition TP570311:09 Robin Cross Hill
Slightly damaged TP088911:30 Arnside Knott
Unreachable but visible TP372014:32 Helm
Good condition TP109713:45 Beacon Hill
Possibly missing TP543712:32 Pigdon
gower lad
Good condition TP597516:20 Sigingstone Resr

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